Tausight Expands ePHI Security Intelligence Platform with New Offering Built on Google Cloud

New AI-powered ePHI engine extends ePHI discovery to cover new attack vectors and bring PHI Intelligence to other solutions via third-party API

Tausight, healthcare’s first protected health information (PHI) security company, expands its AI-based PHI Security Intelligence platform which automates the discovery and identification of electronic PHI to enhance the protection of healthcare patients’ most valuable confidential information.

On March 7, President Biden announced his National Cybersecurity Strategy, reflecting the growing awareness of ongoing ransomware attacks and cyber threats facing healthcare and other leading industries. Because each data security breach imposes significant fines on hospitals and disrupts patient care, the healthcare industry has unique cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and ransomware attacks increasingly target PHI.

“Hospitals and other healthcare providers have unique security needs that traditional security solutions have failed to address because these technologies never offered the ability to see or understand unstructured ePHI,” said David Ting, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tausight. “Tausight on Google Cloud is the first solution that actually delivers on the healthcare industry’s core cyber need: to detect, track, and analyze PHI activity and risk in real-time. Our expanded API-integrations allow us to bring PHI intelligence to our partner networks and leading security solutions.”

Tausight 2.0 includes a robust infrastructure now built on Google Cloud, a new agentless offering for cloud and network infrastructure, and a third-party API that can be leveraged to embed Tausight’s powerful AI-based PHI intelligence engine into other security solutions. This gives healthcare organizations and security vendors immediate visibility and insight into patient data so they can detect, track, and analyze PHI activity. Tausight’s patented approach to identifying and detecting ePHI uses three machine learning engines that actively detect and classify PHI and its use at the edge and the cloud.

“Tausight has become the keystone of our cybersecurity and defense-in-depth strategy through a PHI Security Intelligence platform that leverages an AI-powered approach to detect, discover, and act on unstructured patient data wherever it exists in our digital care environment,” said Aaron Miri, Senior Vice President and Chief Information and Chief Digital Officer, Baptist Health. “As a result, we’re seeing benefits such as minimized risk and ROI from reduced cyber insurance premiums.”

As a Google Partner, Tausight is built on – and can rapidly grow its solution – on BigQuery. The Tausight risk engine runs on Google Cloud, identifying and prioritizing risks while providing insights from the sensor-generated telemetry metadata. No PHI is moved, stored, or processed in Google Cloud, alleviating significant privacy and legal concerns for healthcare organizations.

Learn more about Tausight and receive a demonstration of the platform at ViVE 2023 (Booth #2246), taking place March 26-29 in Nashville, TN.

For the next 30 days, Tausight is offering a free scan to healthcare providers and organizations to help prioritize their risk. For more information, visit: www.tausight.com.