Summit Healthcare Announces Partnership with Dedalus Health Systems Group to Expand their Integration Offerings

Summit Healthcare Expands Integration and Automation Solutions in Offering Dedalus’ X1.V1. Platform

Summit Healthcare, a leader in healthcare system integration and automation, has announced a new strategic partnership with Dedalus Health Systems Group which allows for an even more comprehensive integration platform for hospital systems.

Dedalus is one of the largest providers of Healthcare IT software in Europe and Italy. Partnering with Summit Healthcare enables Dedalus to bring its expertise into the U.S., and in turn, Summit Healthcare is equipped to deliver enhanced integration software to the market. Since 1990, Dedalus has been focused on connecting health systems through the use of its vendor-neutral software, X1.V1. Over the years, the X1.V1. platform has successfully integrated hundreds of healthcare applications in both private and public healthcare settings.  Their platform is highly scalable making a natural choice for healthcare and provider organizations.

Summit Healthcare offers cutting-edge integration, data exchange, workflow automation, and business continuity solutions. The newly expanded product suite now includes Dedalus’ X1.V1. platform. X1.V1. combines clinical and administrative applications with a robust statistical reporting system to drive care coordination and improve cost cutting measures. The technology provides a central source of consistent patient identities and demographic data with extended support for multiple identifiers across complex systems and ensures uniqueness of each patient’s chart. While supporting multiple patient domains and MPI federations, Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) makes patient information continually available to internal and external consumers.

“We’re thrilled that this partnership enables us to provide such a powerful and proven platform to our clients,” said Ted Rossi, CEO at Summit Healthcare“Having cutting-edge and innovative technology in hospitals is more critical than ever for patient safety, with the increasing reliance on computerized and electronic patient data.”

Summit’s EMPI Solution, powered by Dedalus X1.V1., uses an industry-leading combination of deterministic and probabilistic algorithms to cross-reference demographics from disparate identifiers and quickly determine matching patients. A single Unified Identifier is created and serves as a patient’s sole ID across the ecosystem, being updated constantly with changes made in any participating system.

“Hospitals in the U.S. struggle with providing truly comprehensive care for their patients,” said Stefano Ferrara, Managing Director and USA Country Manager at Dedalus“Our solutions, combined with Summit Healthcare’s integration platform and automation tools, will assist healthcare providers in collecting and sharing patient information, and efficiently managing healthcare information while reducing risk, improving security and drastically increasing quality control.”

The expanded X1.V1. platform has the ability to assist healthcare providers in collecting and sharing patient information, documents, and processes across multiple institutions. The Document Registry and Repository are the central components of the platform. These components are devoted to accepting, maintaining and storing documents submitted by document source applications. Health Viewer provides a web-based graphical interface to end users for browsing and displaying documents. Thus, providing secure access to clinical information. Health Viewer supports patient search, document query, document retrieve and display, with a powerful rendering engine for CDA2 documents and FHIR resources.

Visit Summit Healthcare and Dedalus at HIMSS19 (Booth #3635) for more information.