Sprinter Health Brings At-Home Lab Draws, COVID-19 Testing to LA County’s 10 Million Residents

Sprinter Health Founders Cameron-Behar (L) and Max Cohen(R).

Sprinter Health makes it possible to book affordable at-home lab appointments, including blood draws, vitals checks, and rapid COVID-19 tests conducted by full-time nurses and phlebotomists

Sprinter Health, an on-demand mobile health company that sends nurses and phlebotomists (“Sprinters”) into the home for convenient and affordable lab draws, vitals checks, and COVID-19 testing, announced it is now serving patients in LA County, the most populous county in the U.S. This expansion significantly increases the number of people Sprinter Health is able to serve, bringing its full-time mobile nursing and phlebotomist staff to the more than 10 million residents in Los Angeles and surrounding cities.

Sprinter Health aims to eliminate the usual inconveniences and hassles connected to scheduling routine lab work by meeting people in their homes. Full-time nurses and phlebotomists conduct blood draws and vitals checks, collecting necessary data so that healthcare providers can make the right clinical decisions. The company’s technology enables it to combine first-rate at-home lab work services with a highly sophisticated scheduling, routing and data platform.  Sprinter Health also provides rapid COVID-19 tests, a service that will be particularly helpful as we head into the holiday season where many will be gathering indoors and want to do so safely.

With Sprinter Health’s rapid Covid at-home testing capabilities, families can receive test results in 15 minutes or less, at an affordable rate: The first test is $99, and then $50 per test for any additional tests performed during a single at-home visit.

“It’s difficult enough to prioritize our own healthcare on top of making sure our children and aging parents are getting whatever tests they need,” said Max Cohen, CEO and Co-Founder, Sprinter Health. “So many of us are already overbooked with appointments and obligations — the last thing we want to do is spend two or more hours fighting traffic only to sit in a waiting room for lab work that will take days to get back to our primary physician.”

Sprinter Health removes the hassle and headaches that come with maintaining your healthcare needs. The company sends qualified, full-time nurses and phlebotomists into the home so that patients do not put off necessary lab work that can lead to early detections and treatments. Sprinter Health has been able to reduce the average time it takes to conduct a blood draw appointment to less than six minutes, from the time a phlebotomist arrives at the home to their departure.

Booking an appointment with Sprinter Health is as easy as ordering food using their mobile app. Once a patient — or the patient’s provider— has arranged an appointment time via Sprinter’s online scheduling platform, the patient will receive email reminders and text messages with an ETA and a notification upon arrival. After the nurse or phlebotomist, dubbed a Sprinter, completes the appointment, they transport the patient’s samples to a lab and transmit vital data to the patient’s provider.

One of the primary benefits of Sprinter Health is how affordable it is compared to other mobile health services. A basic blood draw performed in the patient’s home by a “Sprinter” costs as little as $79. There is no charge for mileage or extra-fees connected to mobile health services.

Sprinter Health’s expansion into LA County comes on the heels of its recent launch and funding announcement. In October, the company raised $33 million in Series A investments, led by Andreessen Horowitz (“a16z”), with participation from General Catalyst, Accel, Google Ventures (GV), and other leading investors.