Spectralink’s Next-Gen Enterprise Mobility Platform Now Available

Purpose-built for today’s industry-specific workflows and working environments, the Versity solution delivers reliable enterprise-level performance, durability and security with a lightweight, user-friendly design

Spectralink, a leader in enterprise mobility solutions, today announced general availability of its Versity enterprise smartphone. This highly anticipated, next-gen product delivers all the power, performance and purpose-built functionality of an enterprise-grade solution with the sleek look and feel of today’s most popular smartphones. Unlike any other solution on the market, Versity sets a new standard of excellence for enterprise mobility with its superior voice quality, broad application integration, proven reliability and durable, slim, lightweight design.

“Versity’s unique combination of enterprise capabilities and consumer-style design not only measures up to today’s toughest enterprise demands, it also appeals to a broad base of enterprise users,” notes Doug Werking, CEO of Spectralink. “That’s particularly important as organizations seek to mobilize more workers and drive strategic improvements in customer service, worker productivity, operational efficiencies and strengthening competitive advantages.”

According to VDC Research, 88 percent* of organizations view mobility as a strategic priority with many leveraging mobile as an integral part of their digital transformation strategies. “We’re entering a new era of enterprise mobility,” says David Krebs, Executive VP, Enterprise Mobility & Connected Devices, VDC Research. “Companies are turning to mobile solutions to address a wider range of business objectives, and they want solutions that appeal to and empower staff to know more, do more and contribute in more ways to strategic goals and outcomes.”

Optimized for enterprise environments, Versity smartphones provide purpose-built features, apps and other tools that support and enhance mission-critical workflows in a variety of industries, including healthcare, retail, manufacturing and hospitality. Versity also removes many of the barriers that can limit communication in challenging work environments. Innovative voice optimization features coupled with Versity’s dual Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, for example, enhance staff connectivity and coverage to ensure workers stay informed and connected from virtually anywhere, inside or outside their facilities.

These targeted capabilities fuel workforce productivity by eliminating communication bottlenecks, streamlining access to information and minimizing errors.

Across each industry, Versity’s unique strengths are helping organizations capitalize on new opportunities to enhance the customer experience and drive workforce productivity. In healthcare, for instance, Versity makes it possible for hospitals and other healthcare providers to consolidate multiple, siloed systems, such as nurse call and EHR systems. This helps streamline information access for clinicians and other caregivers, which in turn helps enhance patient care, improve productivity and deliver better patient outcomes.

“What really makes the Spectralink products unique is their innovation,” says Gail Hopkins, Director of Healthcare, Presidio. “They’ve really been listening to where key challenges exist in healthcare and then very clearly addressed those needs.”

Versity’s industry-savvy capabilities are also evident in retail. Many of its built-in features and functionality directly support specific workflow challenges across multiple working environments. Its industrial barcode scanner, for example, can be used in retail stockrooms and delivery docks as well as on the sales floor to track product deliveries and current inventory.

In manufacturing, Versity’s innovative voice optimization capabilities, such as noise suppression and echo cancellation, make it possible for manufacturing staff to clearly hear and relay critical information amid the constant noise and high-volume machinery on the factory floor. These capabilities are beneficial in ensuring clear, reliable communications among workers in the hospitality industry as well, while expanded LTE coverage helps staff stay connected even in the most challenging spaces, from parking lots and delivery areas to water parks and outdoor dining spaces.

“We designed Versity based on the shared experiences of customers across many industries and we listened to their desire for a product that could meet some tough mobility challenges and goals,” said Andrew Duncan, vice president, product and technology solutions for Spectralink. “The result is a solution that not only stands up to the rigors and realities of their respective work environments, but also provides a valuable tool that staff is eager to use in their day-to-day workflows. It’s a win-win that’s helping to redefine what’s possible in enterprise mobility for both our customers and across their industries.”

Versity is now available in United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. Customers can choose from four varieties: Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi and LTE, with built-in scanner, without scanner. To order, customers can contact Spectralink sales or their Spectralink-authorized reseller.