Sony Debuts the mSafety Mobile Health Platform at the Connected Health Conference

mSafety platform combines a programmable wearable with a backend solution so any organization can easily build unique, scalable, and secure mobile health and remote monitoring applications

Electronics leader, Sony, will debut its mSafety mobile health platform in the U.S. for the first time today at Connected Health Conference in Boston, Massachusetts. Sony’s mSafety platform – which includes a connected wearable device (wristwatch) and a secure backend solution – is a B2B solution that provides partners with a ready-made platform on which they can develop and scale their own unique mobile health applications or remote health monitoring solutions.

With the market for connected health and wellness applications and devices expected to grow to more than $600 billion in a few years, businesses both from inside and outside of healthcare are eager to capitalize. But, the cost of developing a fleet of proprietary healthcare wearables, along with managing them via a secure cloud backend solution are huge barriers to market growth.

“The mSafety platform was built with a specific purpose in mind, to improve health and save lives,” said Anders Stromberg, head of the Wearable Platform Department at Network Communications, Europe, in Sony Group. “We’re excited to provide a first look at the mSafety platform here in the U.S. and build new partnerships with remote monitoring and mobile health companies that are looking for a platform to help them securely improve their offerings.”

Sony, known for its deep expertise in IoT connectivity, data precision, and product quality, is uniquely positioned to drive broader mobile health innovation in the U.S. Whether it’s for people living with chronic health conditions, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease, or for at-risk seniors living in their own homes, mSafety platform partners will have everything they need to build new, value-add remote monitoring health services.

The mSafety platform also delivers on multiple market needs, including:

  • Low-energy consumption – The wearable device uses energy-efficient IoT connectivity Cat-M1 and BLE, leading to long wearable battery life (7+ days);
  • Ready to build on – The wearable device is user-friendly, and the platform is optimized for partners to build almost any remote health monitoring use case;
  • Simplicity with sophistication – The mSafety platform includes device fleet management support, including over-the-air software updates and upgrades – in addition to sophisticated backend technology that can support complex algorithmic intelligence and data-processing;
  • Reliable security and privacy – The mSafety platform includes end-to-end data encryption, ensuring security and privacy for data communication;
  • Connectivity – The wearable device is always connected and includes bi-directional communication, which enables more proactive services and innovations; and
  • Partner Trust – The mSafety platform is built with the quality standards of Sony.

The mSafety platform was created by Network Communications, Europe, in Sony Group. It will be exhibited at the Connected Health Conference in Boston at booth #966.

About the mSafety Platform

The mSafety platform from Sony is a reliable platform designed for mobile health providers and safety services, helping to make people safer across different situations. It combines a secure cloud backend solution with a connected wearable, providing a ready-made platform upon which to build remote health monitoring applications. Leveraging IoT connectivity, mSafety reduces technical complexity and increases the safety and freedom of end-users, while delivering valuable data to the companies that deploy it. For more information, please visit: