Socially Determined Accelerates Time-to-Value for SDOH Insights and Initiatives with Enhancements to SocialScape Platform

New Capabilities from Pioneer of Social Risk Intelligence Enable Organizations to See, Understand and Act on Social Determinants of Health Like Never Before

Socially Determined, the Social Risk Intelligence company for organizations committed to addressing the Social Determinants of Health (SDOH), today announced a significant set of enhancements to its SocialScape platform. This update to SocialScape accelerates the speed with which organizations can extract insights and value from the platform by adding more robust and frequently updated datasets, visualizations that provide a more holistic view of the risk facing individuals, faster data ingestion, and more.

SocialScape provides Social Risk Intelligence to enable healthcare payers, healthcare providers, life science companies, government organizations and others to understand the contours and concentrations of social risk, and how they impact health outcomes and business performance. Fueled by a comprehensive data supply chain and proprietary analytics, SocialScape precisely defines where high concentrations of social risk exist and then quantifies opportunities to address them and drive the most significant impact.

SocialScape is a HITRUST-certified platform that received an A+ rating from KLAS Research based on rigorous, in-depth and anonymous interviews with Socially Determined clients. The platform continuously ingests and analyzes data about individuals and the environment around them, including income, household size, vehicle ownership rates, location of healthy and unhealthy food, education level, home ownership, and much more. With this data integrated, SocialScape assembles comprehensive profiles of people, populations, and communities so organizations can immediately begin to understand the full extent of SDOH challenges. SocialScape then processes claims, clinical and other data from its clients and applies proprietary analytics to generate an unobstructed view into how social risk is driving excess cost and utilization, poor quality attainment, poor health outcomes, and health inequities within their specific populations and communities.

“SocialScape has allowed us to see and understand social risk like never before. The platform gives us the insight we need to confidently take action and know that we will make a positive impact on the lives of the members we serve,” said Brian McLane, Senior Director of Market Intelligence, Market Analytics and Digital Products at Priority Health, Michigan’s fastest growing health plan. “Working with Socially Determined has allowed us to better connect the dots between person and community. These new improvements to SocialScape will deliver insights that will help us take action even faster and, just as importantly, measure the impact for continuous improvement.”

Specific new improvements in SocialScape that accelerate time-to-value for customers include:

  • Expanded data assets. Building on the most robust data supply chain on people and places in the industry, which includes TransUnion’s Aggregated Credit Data, consumer data and SDOH data, Socially Determined announced a strategic partnership today with geospatial data provider, SafeGraph. Integrating SafeGraph’s enriched and continuously updated data, including more than 8.5 million high-precision points of interest, enhances SocialScape’s risk metrics and provides more complete contextual data to clients.
  • Deeper, more holistic visualization of social risk. New interfaces for Socially Determined’s flagship user application, SocialScape Explorer, give clients deeper insight into community risk, population risk, and individual risk. With Explorer, clients and partners can see social risks broadly across their domain, and drill deeply into hotspots with unprecedented granularity. Explorer’s new Person Spotlight conveys the key drivers of social risk for individuals across multiple SDOH domains (such as food insecurity, transportation barriers, economic wellbeing, etc.).
  • Integration API for referral platforms. SocialScape’s analytic insights sit upstream of SDOH screening and referral activities to provide a precise and proactive view into the risk impacting people and communities. New APIs enable seamless integration with technology platforms that power referral programs with community-based organizations. This helps streamline client workflow so they can ultimately identify where people need help and rapidly connect them with the appropriate resources.
  • More powerful integration of client data. This version of SocialScape includes substantial upgrades to its automated data ingestion, which enable the rapid processing of client data – including claims and clinical data – to scale to millions of people. Additionally, SocialScape now includes utilities and interfaces for onboarding client operational and performance data for enhanced visibility over social risk relevance and impact to their business.

“We have always believed that if we can reveal the negative effects of social risk with clarity, scale, and precision, we can empower our partners to take bold, meaningful action. Organizations require social risk intelligence that helps them see broadly over millions of lives and large community footprints, and allows them to drill down on specific areas where they can achieve measurable results,” said Anthony Beverina, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Socially Determined. “The enhancements we’re announcing today dramatically improve the flexibility, scalability and time to insight for our clients, which ultimately means we’re delivering increased value to them much faster than ever before.”