SnapMD Launches Patient Presenter Workflow on Virtual Care Management Telehealth Platform

Provider Interface Expansion Allows Care Extenders and Other Patient Presenters to Initiate Virtual Visits and Access the Digital Exam Room on the Patient’s Behalf

SnapMD, a full-service enterprise telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider, today announced the launch of new Patient Presenter Workflow functionalities within the Virtual Care Management (VCM) telehealth platform. A scalable solution for hospitals and health systems, SnapMD’s full-stack telehealth software now has a new seat type within its provider interface to connect patient presenters and other care extenders into the care continuum. These new functionalities give patient presenters a toolkit of features to conduct, schedule, or request on-demand virtual visits on behalf of their patients.

SnapMD understands the importance of linking all care teams into the virtual care ecosystem and has integrated the new Patient Presenter Workflow capabilities to further drive cohesive, connected health. As a hyper-secure enterprise telehealth software platform, the VCM platform’s administrative interface grants patient presenters access through the permissions system, where administrators can set specific workflow or provider access guidelines for all staff users. The VCM system displays all permitted providers in the interface, allowing these users to serve as the patient presenter; to initiate virtual visits with one or more providers. Patient presenters can manage appointments, schedule or be placed in queue for on-demand virtual visits and be admitted to the digital exam room with the patient’s provider.

In addition to introducing new Patient Presenter Workflow capabilities, SnapMD has made other enhancements to its provider interface as well. Providers can now better manage patient records to bolster new patient profiles and utilize greater scheduling functionalities. The new Patient Presenter Workflow and provider updates continue to help hospitals and health systems improve overall health outcomes and reduce costs via expanded and expedited virtual care access.

“With a rapidly growing aging population in the U.S. and a surging demand for care across many specialties, we recognize the need for a better way to connect patients and their care teams throughout the care continuum to achieve greater healthcare accessibility,” explained Dave Skibinski, CEO of SnapMD. “The new Patient Presenter Workflow capabilities are designed to support participants across the care continuum, empowering caregivers and other patient presenters to deliver better, more timely care to more patients, improving treatment adherence and reducing wait times.”

SnapMD’s VCM technology is a market-leading full-stack enterprise telehealth platform offering scalability and a 360° suite of services. The all-encompassing platform is a digital hub for telehealth with fully integrated clinical functionality. With the opportunity to weave in multiple service lines to connect across the care enterprise, providers can launch telemedicine in one department and strategically introduce the digital exam room to other services lines in the future.

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