SnapMD Expands Virtual Care Management Telemedicine Platform with Provider Service Type Pricing and Comprehensive System Upgrades

Powerful upgrades include variable service type and pricing options, added telephonic encounter capabilities, enhanced workflow rules, and standalone documentation for all patient encounters

SnapMD, a full-service telehealth technology innovator and solutions provider, announced an advanced suite of new Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform upgrades allowing for providers to assign configurable pricing based on service types structures; new phone encounter capabilities for telephonic consultations; stand-alone documentation for all patient encounters; and new workflow rules for provider/patient visibility. These telemedicine platform expansions allow for customized virtual care preferences to extend and streamline care services.

New platform upgrades include:

  • Phone Encounter Capabilities: Virtual care options and documentation has expanded to include provider-to-patient telephonic consultations. Patient calls are scheduled through the VCM platform and are routed through the provider’s waiting patient queues. During the encounter, providers enter a specific phone encounter room where they can view patient data and enter their encounter notes for the consultation.
  • Services and Pricing: With new service type settings, providers can create configurable pricing structures for patient care services, which enables providers to define and bill different rates for different services offered through the VCM platform. The upgrade also empowers them to assign specific insurance codes and target appointment lengths to services for improved insurance verification and even more accurate scheduling.
  • The Standalone Documentation Module: Providers can now create encounter documents at any time, for virtual care or any other patient encounters they want to document in the VCM platform, including encounters that have already occurred. Moving beyond virtual encounters, SnapMD has expanded VCM platform documentation for record keeping, and is now an added resource for filing all patient electronic medical records.
  • New Workflow Rules: A new workflow provides configurable control over patient-to-provider and provider-to-patient visibility, vastly expanding the workflow capabilities. This creates an automated, efficient experience for patients to be directed to an appropriate medical professional based on state license, allowing patients to get the care they need when and where they need it.

“As we continue to expand and rollout new functionalities of our 2.0 VCM platform, it’s important that we recognize what our customers and patients want and need from telemedicine care services,” said Dave Skibinski, president and CEO of SnapMD. “Understanding both perspectives of virtual care allows for SnapMD to further enhance our platform to meet all needs and be a complete and comprehensive telemedicine experience.”

SnapMD is a full-service, cloud-based, white-label telemedicine platform that includes all features and functionalities needed to practice any form of health services that is suitable for virtual care. Providers can extend their reach of care through telemedicine by leveraging secure one-on-one live video, audio, and text message consultations between ambulatory patients and their primary care and specialty care physicians. The VCM platform is suitable for most departments across a health system with powerful back-end systems to manage the digital health enterprise.