Shimmer Secures $2.2 Million Seed to Transform Adult ADHD Management With Its AI-Enhanced Behavioral Coaching Platform


Expert ADHD Coaches and AI Tools Empower Members to Effectively Set and Achieve Personal and Professional Goals, Creating an Environment Where They Thrive

Shimmer, an online coaching platform designed for adults with ADHD has raised $2.2 million in seed funding. The round was co-led by Worklife Ventures and SeedtoB Capital, with participation from Koa Labs, Aglaé Ventures, and Gaingels. The company plans to expand its AI-focused product development and launch a scientific study researching ADHD coaching outcomes under the auspices of leading universities in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Shimmer delivers live sessions with an expert ADHD coach, facilitated by the AI-driven digital capabilities of the platform. Members and coaches work together on tailored strategies and realistic action steps leading to long-term change, including improved relational health and career advancement. The solution acts as an expert guide to plan and track members’ aspirations on a day-to-day basis.

Research shows that untreated adult ADHD frequently leads to relationship problems, stress, disruption in personal and career life, substance abuse, and more. Challenges include difficulty in focusing and completion of everyday tasks, as well as the inability to achieve long-term goals. Shimmer’s coaching aims to mitigate these issues, offering a path to self-advocacy and empowerment.

Shimmer’s Co-founder and CEO, Chris Wang, who has ADHD, says, “Living with ADHD can be isolating and challenging. At Shimmer, we’re dedicated to providing the support and tools needed for individuals to feel empowered and successful. Our platform is designed to be a powerful tool to help people reach their full potential and lead fulfilling lives.”

Since its launch in October 2022, Shimmer’s expert ADHD coaches have provided more than 15,000 coaching sessions to a global audience. The company also provides pro bono coaching to government agencies, universities and several nonprofits. Going forward, Shimmer plans to expand its services to companies building inclusive environments for their workforce.

Xenia Angevin, Shimmer’s principal coaching psychologist, added, “We are elevating ADHD coaching as an approach. Our coaching ecosystem leverages the latest science to help achieve a better quality of life and manage ADHD-related challenges that get in the way of focusing on what is important. We’re excited about our new scientific study which will research what works in ADHD coaching. This is an area that needs more reliable, valid and evidence-based practices.”

After six weeks of participation, 83 percent of Shimmer members said they were better able to manage their ADHD. Shimmer memberships are HSA/FSA-eligible and five to 10 times more affordable than standard ADHD coaching.

Worklife Ventures General Partner and Shimmer investor Brianne Kimmel recognizes the scope of the ADHD population and how Shimmer can be an effective strategy to manage the condition: “ADHD affects a huge number of adults, only a fraction of whom are diagnosed when they are young. I understand what it is like to live with ADHD as an adult. We’re proud to invest in the company where its platform can be a tremendous addition to the treatment options now available.”

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