Serotonin-Plus and Welkin Health Partner to Create Medical Weight Loss Program with “Coach in a Pocket” Capability

Physician patented and medically supervised, Serotonin-Plus introduces a new program, Serofit, to extend its most crucial component beyond the walls of the clinic

Serotonin-Plus, a Virginia-based medical weight loss program structured around a patented serotonin formula, has partnered with Welkin Health, a San Francisco-based digital health company specializing in patient relationship management, to scale the most important component of their program: human coaching.

“Personal, human support is everything,” says weight loss expert Dr. Robert Posner, M.D., who created the flagship Serotonin-Plus program in 2002. “Losing weight is tremendously challenging and requires significant behavioral and lifestyle modifications. With Welkin’s powerful ‘coach in your pocket’ technology, we will cast a wider net and help prevent and reverse more chronic disease through weight loss. It will enable us to achieve what we’ve always wanted to do—offer the program to more people through retail clinics, pharmacies, and urgent care centers.”

The Serotonin-Plus program has helped over 22,000 people maximize their bodies’ natural abilities to reduce carbohydrate cravings after taking a serotonin supplement. The program focuses on real food, weekly visits with a clinical team, and access to a network of health coaches to help with behavior change. Serofit offers the same elements as Serotonin-Plus, minus physician office visits, making it ideal for people to purchase directly off the shelf, from an online retailer, or when visiting their pharmacist or urgent care doctor.

Welkin will create an instance of their configurable software platform specifically for Serofit coaches to build relationships with patients and engage them in their individual weight loss journeys at the convenience of the patient. This is an opportunity for the patient to receive the same quality of support remotely as they would in-office. To achieve this, Serofit’s configuration of Welkin will include a personalized, intelligent workflow powered by a custom-designed curriculum and enhanced by integrations with their existing technology solutions. This will allow Serofit to optimize patient correspondence via SMS, phone, email, or the custom-branded smartphone app.

“We continue to see the power of combining individual workflows with communication tools backed by systems integrations,” says Chase Hensel, CEO and co-founder of Welkin Health. “Serofit’s utilization of Welkin will not only help improve program adherence through comprehensive health education and frequent patient communication, but it will create more opportunity for consumers looking for off-the-shelf weight loss and chronic disease prevention options.”