Senior Living Communities Abbey Delray and Abbey Delray South use Artificial Intelligence to Keep Seniors on Their Feet

The Lifespace Communities’ Be Active program uses AI technology to make a measurable impact on seniors’ quality of life and decrease fall risk

Lifespace Communities’ Abbey DelrayAbbey Delray South and Harbour’s Edge locations in Palm Beach have joined forces with Select Rehabilitation to bring state-of-the-art rehabilitation and wellness programs to their senior living residents. Be Active is an innovative wellness program that uses advanced artificial intelligence technologies and one-on-one coaching to help seniors improve their physical fitness and decrease fall risk to help them live independently for as long as possible. The program is already receiving positive reviews from Abbey Delray residents and is set to launch at Abbey Delray South later this month.

An intriguing aspect of Be Active incorporates a range of advanced technologies, including the VSTBalance system from VirtuSense, which uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to identify deficits in balance, gait and function and produce an objective measurable score for fall risk. This allows for the creation of a customizable program based on the needs of each participating resident. The objective is to provide customized coaching and resources to help residents improve their overall balance score and prevent harmful falls that could jeopardize their ability to live independently.

“We’re proud to be a part of this innovative program that is focused on empowering seniors to live independently for as long as possible,” said Brandon Bornstein, executive director at Abbey Delray. “Our residents’ health and wellness is always our top priority, and we’re excited to provide the latest the industry offers in technologies and techniques that will help them achieve their lifestyle goals.”

At Abbey Delray South, executive director Jennifer Stevens explained that Be Active is a person-centered lifestyle and care program that assesses residents’ needs and uses data and evidence-based research to involve residents in their own health and wellness journey.

“The program enables care providers and residents to track progress using a comprehensive evaluation process to measure upper and lower body strength & flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, functional balance and risk of falling,” Stevens said.  As a result of each resident’s baseline outcomes, the communities’ physical therapy and fitness departments will strategically tailor an individualized plan and program for each resident’s unique needs, with quarterly one-on-one consultations available throughout the duration of the program.

“It’s all right at my doorstep,” says Abbey Delray resident Jim Webster. “I try not to make excuses for why I can’t exercise today because everything I need is right here. I love Abbey Delray for that reason.”