SAP Connected Health Appoints Thomas Laur as President

SAP today announced Thomas Laur as the new President of the SAP Connected Health group.  Mr. Laur brings expertise in global revenue management, product innovation, corporate strategy, organizational and mergers and acquisition to the role, having most recently served as CEO of Sutherland Healthcare Solutions.

Mr. Laur and team are focused on achieving SAP’s vision of enabling smarter health decisions and advancing medical knowledge.  Through best-in-class applications and services built on an open platform and a globally connected partner network, SAP’s Connected Health group seeks to deliver connected healthcare solutions that improve health outcomes and reduce costs across the healthcare continuum.

“SAP has contributed to the improvement of healthcare for more than a decade,” said Steve Singh, Member, SAP Executive Board. “With the recent establishment of the SAP Connected Health group, we are now poised to take a broader role, and Thomas is the right leader to move our efforts forward. The SAP Connected Health platform and the ecosystem of partners we’re building around it are dedicated to taking advantage of the latest medical and technological advancements to solve real-world problems in global healthcare.”

The formation of the SAP Connected Health group reaffirms the company’s commitment to enabling smarter health decisions and advancing medical knowledge throughout the world in order to improve lives and reduce costs. The new group brings together numerous initiatives within SAP to address the healthcare market holistically, to help ensure the right treatments are getting to the right people at the right time.

“Healthcare globally is going through unprecedented change as a result of new medical insights, technological advancements, and the changing expectations of patients,” said Thomas Laur, President, Connected Health group, SAP. “Because SAP technology supports the entire cycle of care, from providers to researchers to patients, we are uniquely positioned to drive digital innovation across the healthcare system through a connected health platform. I’m thrilled to join the SAP team at this critical moment in the evolution of healthcare.”