Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust Selects Allscripts Population Health Solution

First United Kingdom client to deploy dbMotionTM Solution

In March 2016, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust expanded its partnership with Allscripts by selecting CareInMotionTM, Allscripts population health management platform, to help make the transition to a new model of integrated care. Salford Royal is the first United Kingdom client to select CareInMotion’s dbMotion, an industry-leading data connectivity and harmonization solution that helps healthcare organizations meaningfully share data across disparate systems within clinicians’ workflows. CareInMotion is a comprehensive, adaptable framework that enables healthcare organizations to address their specific population health priorities, such as predictive analytics, care coordination and patient engagement.

Salford Royal is a large teaching Trust in the United Kingdom that provides community and hospital services, with 728 beds and more than 7,000 staff. The Trust also uses the Allscripts SunriseTM community-aware electronic health record (EHR) solution, which has been an integral part of its strategy to be the safest organization in the NHS.

NHS England recently selected Salford Royal as one of 29 vanguard sites tasked with developing new models of care. CareInMotion supports Salford Royal’s overall population health strategy by helping the organization develop a new integrated care model that meets the health and social care needs of the community. CareInMotion’s dbMotion solution will connect the organization’s existing integrated EHR to the broader community to provide safer and more efficient care. Initially, Allscripts will connect Salford’s Acute and General Practitioner primary care physicians, providing a comprehensive view of patient information to enable fully informed care decisions. Future phases are expected to explore expanded connectivity to the region’s mental health and social care organizations.

“Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust chose Allscripts as a key partner to help our organization evolve to meet the demands of population health management and empower our care providers with the data they need to make informed decisions around patient care,” said Rachel Dunscombe, Chief Information Officer, Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. “Working with Allscripts will help our organization adopt more efficient value-added care models to improve patient outcomes.”

“Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust continues to demonstrate commitment to addressing the evolving healthcare needs in the United Kingdom by innovating and investing in population health management solutions to help provide better outcomes for patients,” said Rich Berner, President, Allscripts International and Acute General Manager. “Population health management is not one size fits all, and we look forward to working closely with Salford Royal NHS to develop new and innovative care models that meet the specific needs of its community.”