Salesforce Announces Vaccine Cloud to Accelerate Global Vaccine Management

Vaccine Cloud helps public health authorities, healthcare providers, and nonprofits quickly scale vaccine operations, from recipient registration and scheduling to inventory management and public health outreach

Northwell Health, Illinois’ Lake County, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, among others are using Salesforce technology to streamline vaccine management

Salesforce today  announced Vaccine Cloud, technology to help government agencies, healthcare organizations,  businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions more rapidly, safely and efficiently deploy and manage  their vaccine programs. Today, international, federal, state and local agencies, healthcare providers and  nonprofits worldwide are using Salesforce technology specifically for vaccine administration, including  Northwell Health, Illinois’ Lake County, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and more. 

Now that safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines are available, every country, state and city is rapidly  establishing vaccination programs to get shots in the arms of billions of people. However, many  government agencies and healthcare organizations don’t have the technology infrastructure in place to  handle the complexity, speed and scale necessary for vaccine administration, such as inventory and  logistics management, getting people registered and scheduled for their vaccines, and recipient outreach  and vaccine outcome monitoring. Governments are also partnering with private sector companies to help  manage this mass vaccination effort, and these businesses need the same technology infrastructure to  help deliver safe, efficient and effective vaccine administrations and programs. 

“The biggest challenge the world faces right now is orchestrating the distribution of billions of vaccine  doses. Technology can play a critical role in ensuring it’s done efficiently, effectively, and equitably,” said  Bret Taylor, President and COO of Salesforce. “We’re proud to be supporting organizations through their  recovery and helping to protect people from the effects of COVID-19.” 

Introducing Vaccine Cloud—Securely Manage Vaccine Administration at Scale Vaccine Cloud helps governments, healthcare organizations, businesses and nonprofits around the world  design, build and manage vaccine programs at scale quickly on the Salesforce Customer 360 platform,  including mobility solutions, bots, analytics and integration capabilities, and more. 

  • Government agencies and public health agencies can use Vaccine Cloud to monitor their  vaccination progress with data and insights, which helps enable them to maximize their program  effectiveness. This includes securing enough doses, monitoring patient outcomes, and making  data-driven decisions based on community health needs and risk factors. And, with integration  capabilities in Vaccine Cloud, these agencies can bring data from all relevant systems together  within the platform, ensuring vaccine data is managed and tracked in one place.
  • Healthcare provider organizations can use Vaccine Cloud to streamline vaccination processes,  such as inventory management, staff training and education, and payment and reimbursement.  Vaccine Cloud can also handle all external communication to communities, such as a notification  to schedule an initial shot or a reminder to come in for a second dose. And, because it’s built on  Salesforce, providers can manage millions of patients across hundreds of sites and care locations  with a platform that is efficient, safe and accessible from anywhere. 
  • Businesses, personnel, retailers, customers and residents can benefit from Vaccine Cloud  with a simplified registration and appointment scheduling process, personalized communications  for follow up outcome monitoring and a reminder to come in for their second shot if needed, and  an easy way to learn more about vaccines, helping to address any potential concerns about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, accessible from any device. Vaccine Cloud will also let people  choose to share their vaccination or health status, which can help bring employees back to  offices, concertgoers back to music venues and sports fans back to stadiums safely.
  • Salesforce partners extend the power of Vaccine Cloud to scale vaccine programs for  government, healthcare organizations and nonprofits worldwide. As Salesforce experts who bring  deep industry knowledge and tested solutions, global strategic partners Accenture, Deloitte, IBM  and KPMG, in addition to partners Coastal Cloud, Infosys, MTX, PolSource, Sense Corp,  Silverline, Skedulo, Slalom and Traction on Demand are already leveraging Vaccine Cloud  solutions to help organizations accelerate their vaccine management programs. 

“Our cloud-based AllVax system, built on Salesforce, enables us to shield our community and employees  from some of the difficult logistical pieces of the vaccination process to focus and execute on our core  mission – improving the health and wellbeing of all those who live, work, and play in Lake County,” said  Jefferson McMillan-Wilhoit, Director of Health Informatics and Technology of the Lake County Health  Department in Illinois.

“Salesforce is helping global organizations build trust and safety by supporting the distribution and administration of the vaccine and the continued engagement with individuals,” said Dr. Ashwini Zenooz, Chief Medical Officer at Salesforce, “With Vaccine Cloud, we are continuing to invest in our technology and partner ecosystem to respond and recover from this pandemic.” 

Vaccine Cloud is part of the Salesforce COVID-19 response technology solutions, which include vaccine  inventory management, appointment scheduling, outcome monitoring, public health outreach and more.  Learn more about Vaccine Cloud here.