Rush University Medical Center Expands Deployment
of Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX) to
14 Clinical Specialties

Leading academic health center aims to improve the care experience and reduce physician burnout after a successful pilot found Nuance DAX cuts time spent on clinical documentation by more than half

Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced that Rush University Medical Center (Rush) has expanded its use of the Nuance® Dragon Ambient eXperience™ (DAX™) ambient clinical intelligence (ACI) solution to 14 clinical specialties to help relieve the burden of clinical documentation and physician burnout, while improving the patient experience during in-person and telehealth visits. The 14 clinical specialties, including otolaryngology, plastic surgery, urology, and orthopedics, were selected based on the specialty’s workflow and clinical documentation needs.

“The clinical documentation burden has long been a pain point for our clinicians, making it difficult to bill and code accurately, which is an important piece of revenue integrity,” said Dr. Jordan Dale, Acting Chief Medical Informatics Officer at Rush. “Nuance DAX allows us to fill the gaps in the patient narrative and improve clinical documentation by providing more complete and accurate notes. More importantly, it allows our doctors to be doctors and gives them the mental space to focus on what matters – delivering empathy and expert care for which they trained.”

Deployments of Nuance DAX are increasing as more healthcare organizations recognize ambient clinical intelligence technology’s transformative benefits for reducing physician burnout, improving financial integrity, and enhancing the patient experience. Nuance DAX extends the proven power of Nuance Dragon Medical, already trusted by over 550,000 physicians globally, with the latest AI-powered advancements to create a fully voice-enabled and ambient exam room environment. The system securely captures, contextualizes, and automatically creates detailed clinical notes from multi-party conversations during on-site and virtual encounters with patient consent. It enables physicians to stay fully engaged with patients without the need to look away to type or dictate. It also improves clinical documentation quality and physician satisfaction by ensuring that the complete patient story is captured while reducing the time needed to update clinical documentation.

In order to reduce physicians’ administrative workloads, enable them to focus on patients during visits instead of computer screens, and free time to see more patients, Rush decided to expand the Nuance DAX deployment following a pilot program. Pilot participants found they were able to increase their number of patients seen per clinic day – which is similar to Nuance DAX deployments at other health systems that increased patient throughput by up to 38 percent.

“Rush is one of our closest partners for Nuance DAX development and shares our vision for how to overcome the challenges facing healthcare organizations with conversational AI and ambient solutions that place patients front and center in care delivery,” said Diana Nole, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Healthcare at Nuance. “The confidence Rush has in Nuance DAX coupled with the growing adoption of our clinical documentation solutions at healthcare systems across the country, shows that we are on the right track to help transform care access, outcomes, and reimbursement accuracy.”

To learn more about Nuance DAX and view the explainer video, please click here.