Rimidi Expands its Cloud-Based Platform to Include Cardiovascular Disease

Working within the EHR, new view designed to support clinicians as they work to better manage health outcomes for patients with cardiovascular conditions

Rimidi, a cloud-based software platform that enables personalized management of chronic cardiometabolic conditions across populations, today announced it has added a new disease ‘view’ to its platform. Joining its type 2 diabetes, heart failure and nonalcoholic fatty liver views, the software will now support cardiovascular disease (CVD). Working within the electronic health record (EHR) workflow, clinicians can seamlessly navigate between the four views to holistically manage patients with multiple cardiometabolic conditions.

Rimidi’s cardiovascular disease view aggregates relevant data from the EHR and combines it with patient-generated blood pressure data from connected blood pressure cuffs, as well as integrated clinical decision support based on the most recent practice guidelines and clinical evidence. With this real-time information, clinicians have the ability to risk stratify their patients and virtually manage a variety of cardiovascular conditions that require proactive monitoring, including hypertension, hyperlipidemia and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. The new CVD view enables care teams to not only identify patients who are at high risk, but to also intervene with timely, personalized, evidence-based management. As such, clinicians are able to triage patients to the appropriate level of care, whether that’s primary care doctors or specialists; make treatment decisions based on the most recent evidence, such as newly demonstrated benefits of pharmaceuticals for specific patient groups; and identify at-risk patients needing additional screening tests or medication adjustments.

“At Rimidi, our goal is to arm clinicians with solutions that help them identify and close gaps in care, creating a more efficient cycle,” said Josh Claman, Rimidi CEO. “With the addition of the CVD view to our platform, care teams are able to further empower and inform patients on next steps in their care plans based on their unique data. With these capabilities, we’re giving clinicians a more complete view of their patients’ cardiovascular health, ultimately building a better system for the future of healthcare.”

According to the American Heart Association, CVD remains the leading cause of death in the United States and has been since 1920. From an economic standpoint, CVD is currently America’s priciest disease, costing nearly $555 billion a year – a number that is expected to increase to $1.1 trillion by 2035.

“The prevalence of cardiometabolic conditions – and the costs associated with them – is the healthcare problem of our generation. We believe technology has the capability to better manage and, eventually, prevent these diseases,” said Dr. Lucienne Ide, founder and chair of Rimidi. “Working seamlessly within the EHR, clinicians can use our platform to achieve better health outcomes for patients with cardiovascular disease and related cardiometabolic conditions.”

Each view on the Rimidi platform aggregates condition-specific clinical data from the EHR and combines it with patient-generated data from connected devices for a more complete view of a patient’s health across the continuum of care – from the clinic to the home. For more information on Rimidi’s Platform View for Cardiovascular Disease, please visit healthcare.rimidi.com/cvd.