Rimidi Announces Official Launch of EHR-Integrated Patient Reported Outcomes Tool, Survé

Survé by Rimidi is designed to streamline provider workflows, while simultaneously impacting clinical decision making on patient outcomes

Rimidi, a clinical management platform designed to optimize clinical workflows, announced the official launch of its EHR-integrated Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) tool, Survé by Rimidi. The tool delivers questionnaires directly to patients on their device in real-time or in an appointment-driven or data-driven context, working within the existing EHR and layering on configurable clinical decision support. As compared to paper surveys or questionnaires that lack EHR-integration, Survé enables a cyclical workstream where clinicians can continuously assess and refine the impact of patient feedback on clinical decision making, and the impact of clinical decision making on patient outcomes.

While Survé was originally deployed as a virtual screening and triage tool to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in healthcare settings, it has since been enhanced to work across a number of different clinical areas, such as dermatology, orthopedics and pediatric obesity, and is available as part of Rimidi’s disease management views or as a standalone PRO platform.

“Throughout the transition to value-based care, PROs have become even more vital in enabling patient-centric care and thereby improving the quality of care, treatment selection, and patient engagement. This became ever-more important at the height of the global pandemic, as hospitals and health systems sought to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and engage and care for patients at home,” said Lucienne Ide, MD, PhD, founder of Rimidi. “Looking forward, these self-reported outcomes must become part of the comprehensive medical record for each patient and be applied and implemented across clinical use cases to drive shared decision-making and to ultimately lead to greater health outcomes.”

To date, providers have used Survé to:

  • Systematically collect standardized clinical Patient Reported Outcomes Measures (PROMs) ahead of or following designated appointments

  • Send surveys to patients assessing Social Determinants of Health and to connect those patients to appropriate resources

  • Virtually assess patient goals and goal achievement

  • Support development and delivery of novel PROMs for clinical areas that do not yet have standardized outcomes measures

To learn more and get started with Survé by Rimidi, please visit rimidi.com/lp/survebyrimidi.