Report, Track and Resolve Safety and Operational Matters with WorkplaceAware Report Management

Via Smart Phone, Tablet or the Web submitting comprehensive, geo-tagged reports and photos takes less than 30 seconds

Smartphones and tablets have become like a third appendage in today’s technology world, especially among the mobile workforce.  Antiquated “paper and pencil” reporting methods require forms to prepare and submit.  This is often inconvenient and bothersome during a busy workday, and as a result, many times things go unreported.  Impromptu requests for information submitted via one-off emails, voicemails or text messages could easily be overlooked, forgotten or lost. Compiling traditional safety and operational reports takes a lot of effort for decision makers to collate and organize.  The WorkplaceAware Report Management System enables companies to transform safety and operational reports from archaic paper-based document systems into a comprehensive detail-rich report output using the proficiency of a mobile app and web-based dashboard.

The WorkplaceAware Report Management System simply and powerfully generates reports on anything relevant to safety and operational stability in the workplace.  With the WorkplaceAware mobile app, employees can instantly submit photos and report details to management saving valuable time between reporting and response. Employees can report near misses, safety and security observations, accidents, faulty or missing equipment, plant needs and even supply requests. The well-organized WorkplaceAware Report Management System provides employers the opportunity to evaluate safety and operational reports with a level of detail and coordination previously impossible using paper reports.  This results in timely interventions that reduce future complications.

All reports submitted through the employer-branded WorkplaceAware mobile app are geo-tagged based on the location of the picture taken. In the moment, when creating a report, employees may not remember to include location details in the text they submit with photos.  The WorkplaceAware Report Management System eliminates the extra step of a manager or business owner trying to contact the employee for more information regarding exactly where an incident occurred. Vital minutes of response time are saved through this automated process within the app.

There are many reasons for near misses and operational issues not being reported. WorkplaceAware helps companies eliminate barriers to reporting. In addition to simplifying the reporting process of near misses, accidents and operational needs of employees, WorkplaceAware also streamlines the tracking and managing of all categories of reports resulting in faster resolution. Business owners, safety officers and managers can access the WorkplaceAware web-based dashboard wherever they are located. They are able to generate PDF or CSV reports that can be tailored by type of report and other parameters with a few keystrokes. Using the web-based dashboard, reports can be escalated to a particular employee or management group, or forwarded electronically to the appropriate individual or department for immediate intervention and resolution.  Alerts can be transmitted instantly notifying all mobile app users of significant events and news critical for an informed workforce.

Private industry employers in 2014 reported nearly three million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. While this number is lower than previous years, the question that remains is how many near misses occurred in the workplace and were not reported using obsolete “paper and pencil” reporting that could and should have been reported.  Heinrich’s widely accepted accident triangle theory states that for every major injury, there were 29 minor injuries and 300 near misses. Additionally, OSHA estimates that employers pay over $50 billion a year for direct workers’ compensation costs alone.  

“WorkplaceAware eliminates many of the reporting barriers companies must overcome to make workplaces safer and run smoother operationally,” said WorkplaceAware CEO Rob Sweeney. “There are many reasons employees choose not to report a near miss or operations need including fear of retribution, a desire to avoid red-tape or to avoid interrupting pace of work. By using WorkplaceAware, companies can allow employees to quickly and comprehensively report from the field, without having to fill out pages of paperwork or interrupting the workday.  And if employees choose, reports can be submitted anonymously. Our customers see an increase in safety and operations reporting days after engaging WorkplaceAware, and their businesses are safer and more productive as a result.”

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