Rainbow Health Launches a New House Calls Dispatch Solution to Streamline At-Home Care

The future of healthcare is in the home, and now another tech start-up is focusing on making the process easier.

Rainbow Health, a subsidiary of Mobisoft Infotech, today announced the 20-state launch of its RainbowCare House Calls Dispatch Solution that simplifies clinical logistics for home healthcare. With this solution, payers, physician groups and health systems can efficiently route providers to patients’ homes to deliver in-person, data-driven care; or they can conduct virtual telehealth visits through the fully integrated mobile and web solution to fulfill last-mile care. 

“At-home care programs are on the rise and it has become vital for healthcare organizations to utilize digital health solutions that aid in addressing the clinical and non-clinical outcomes of high-need, at-risk patients,” said Ayushi Patel, Director of Strategy & Innovation at Mobisoft Infotech, Rainbow Health’s parent company. “This Dispatch Solution offers providers and payers the right mobile-enabled digital health tool that helps them reduce avoidable emergency department visits and hospital admissions while allowing patients to remain in the comfort and safety of their homes.”

The RainbowCare House Calls Dispatch Solution launch arrives as value-based care continues to gain momentum in the industry, which is evidenced by two new patient-centric, home-based care programs from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The Global and Professional Direct Contracting (GPDC) Model is a risk-bearing program that emphasizes preventive care and chronic condition management for Medicare beneficiaries, including in their homes, while the Acute Hospital Care at Home program offers reimbursement parity to organizations delivering hospital-level care at home.

RainbowCare House Calls Dispatch Solution supports both types of CMS programs, as well as urgent, transitional, palliative and infusion care, enabling providers to deliver high-quality, connected care regardless of their location. The dispatch solution supports healthcare organizations during COVID-19 by connecting patients to the full spectrum of in-home service providers through telehealth services and even enables vaccine administration within patients’ homes.

Acute and Chronic Care Delivery at Home

For on-demand or scheduled patient appointments, RainbowCare House Calls Dispatch Solution enables providers to locate patients’ homes while equipping them with automated, point-of-care data and documentation tools. Either in the home, through telehealth, or a hybrid approach, providers using the solution can deliver a wide range of acute and chronic condition care services. Providers can also perform social determinants of health assessments through observation of a patient’s home to identify risk factors and gaps that could be addressed by ancillary health plan benefits and/or community-based groups.

Administrators can assign appointments to providers based on patient location and have real-time visibility into their travel and home-visit status. In the background, RainbowCare collects data from the point of care and automatically integrates the information with the organization’s electronic health record (EHR). Data analytics and reporting are available to assess provider performance and patient outcomes.

“Provider mobility combined with technology is changing the dynamics of care delivery, making care at home the new normal, either through virtual or in-person care,” Ayushi said. “RainbowCare House Calls Dispatch Solution is ahead of the curve by empowering providers to deliver more coordinated and patient-centric care regardless of location, ultimately driving better clinical outcomes, lower costs and more satisfied patients.”