Propeller Health and MIR Announce License Agreement and Collaboration to Integrate Mobile and Clinic-Based Spirometers into the Propeller Platform

Addition of lung function measurement signifies an important extension to Propeller’s digitally-guided therapy offering

Propeller Health, the leading digital solution for respiratory medicine and Medical International Research (MIR), a global leader in spirometry, oximetry and telemedicine, today announced a collaboration to integrate several of MIR’s mobile and clinical spirometers into the Propeller system.

Lung function measurements provide a physiological perspective on diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). With regular assessment, spirometry can help patients and physicians determine whether the disease is progressing, and how patients are responding to treatment. With the addition of MIR spirometers to its platform, Propeller is the only commercially marketed respiratory digital health solution to include FDA cleared inhaler sensors, digital interfaces and truly mobile spirometers.

Healthcare organizations and pharmaceutical partners using Propeller can incorporate MIR’s spirometers into their clinical and commercial programs, thereby adding another important signal in the digital management of patients with asthma and COPD. Data from these devices will be automatically routed to the Propeller platform where patients and physicians can evaluate their status.

“We’re excited to partner with MIR to introduce their connected spirometers to participants in Propeller,” said David Van Sickle, CEO. “Periodic assessment can be helpful in monitoring whether treatment is truly controlling symptoms and improving quality of life. These next-generation, mobile spirometers make it possible for patients to better understand their lung function at home and in the community.”

“I am excited about this partnership with Propeller as it offers our customers a new option in the digital management of respiratory diseases making available a comprehensive range of sensors. It happens at the right time now that MIR has launched a new generation of truly  “Smart” spirometers, which provide the same accuracy of a clinical setting and connect wirelessly to the Propeller System,” commented John Cello, National Sales and Business Development Manager– MIR USA Inc.