Personalized Care Company Validic Acquires Trapollo


Validic, a market-leading digital health and personalized care company, acquired the assets of Trapollo LLC, a connected health, technical support, and device logistics provider that helps care for patients at home. Trapollo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cox Communications, Inc.

With the acquisition of these Trapollo assets, Validic rounds out its core capabilities and becomes the company best positioned to make personalized healthcare a practical reality for patients and clinicians. Validic’s EHR-integrated healthcare application ingests remotely collected health data from the world’s largest health IoT platform to help healthcare organizations personalize chronic condition management, remote care, and support for healthy living.

Adding in-house device logistics and technical support to a platform built for scale means that Validic offers the most proven way for healthcare providers to personalize care for their entire patient population. Even prior to the acquisition, Validic and Trapollo were jointly supporting the largest personalized care program in the country at a leading healthcare integrated delivery network on the West Coast, with more than 300,000 patients enrolled and thousands of devices shipped since inception. Now, for the first time, this winning solution is available for healthcare organizations nationwide.

“We live in a time where consumers expect personalized experiences, and they aren’t receiving them from their healthcare providers —  76% of patients are frustrated leaving their medical appointments and 69% would switch providers for better service. Imagine a system that helps clinicians efficiently deliver personalized care for every patient at scale,” said Validic CEO Drew Schiller.

“With the Trapollo assets, Validic, which has long been the leader in scaling remote and personalized healthcare programs, is now also a leading connected health and device logistics company, supporting the full range of personalized care programs – from BYO-tech, low-touch programs to high-risk, high-touch, fully kit-based remote monitoring and everything in between,” said Schiller.

Healthcare is not one size fits all. Patients have different goals and need different levels of care at different times. Validic offers healthcare organizations a single, cost-effective, EHR-embedded solution that:

  • Enables the creation of remote programs to support multiple clinical applications and patient support needs
  • Integrates personal health data as a first-class citizen of the EHR — with program enrollment and visualizations in the patient chart, writing data to EHR flowsheets, and surfacing clinical alerts via the in-basket and in-basket pools
  • Helps clinical teams operate more efficiently and effectively; 88% of clinicians say Validic saves them time
  • Meets the full scope of patient device and support needs, from BYO-everything to pre-paired kits and phone support
  • Eliminates the need to support multiple point solutions with a comprehensive enterprise platform

Former Trapollo and current Validic Senior Vice President and General Manager Steve Nester echoed Schiller’s enthusiasm and optimism saying, “We are joining Validic at a pivotal time in healthcare, as patients demand personalized and more convenient healthcare experiences that meet them where they are. We will bring our experience and expertise in device logistics, compassionate technical support, supply chain, and connected health from Trapollo to further Validic’s mission of improving the quality of life by making personal data actionable.”

Validic is headquartered in Durham, N.C. Trapollo’s former distribution center, which will now be operated by Validic, will remain in Sterling, VA. With the transaction, Cox becomes an investor in Validic.