PeriGen Deploys Mobile Version of PeriWatch Vigilance to Further Protect Moms and Babies During Childbirth

OB-GYNs and nursing leaders gain remote access to PeriGen’s AI-based Early Warning System and Clinical Decision Support tools directly from mobile devices

PeriGen Inc., the market leader in applying artificial intelligence (AI) to improve safety in childbirth, introduced PeriWatch Vigilance Mobile, a full-function browser-based solution providing access to its early warning system (EWS) and clinical decision support tool. By providing remote access to the full range of conditions monitored by PeriWatch Vigilance, the new solution empowers obstetricians and nursing leaders to actively monitor hours of real-time Electronic Fetal Monitoring (EFM) and maternal vital signs for multiple patients––from anywhere they can access the hospital network through hospital IT-approved connectivity methods. As a result, remote clinicians are better able to review and interpret trends and provide oversight and consultation to the bedside team.

EFM has been the go-to technology source in perinatal obstetrics for the detection of fetal distress during labor since the 1970s. Although the technology has changed slightly in the ensuing years, the demands on perinatal nurses have escalated exponentially. Nursing burnout and the pandemic-driven shortage have exacerbated the situation. Meanwhile, L&D nurses must track and document as many as 10 different characteristics every 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the stage of labor––all with the emotional overlay of treating multiple patients at once, varying experience levels, and a highly-demanding, often stressful environment. In such situations, it can be challenging to provide the attending––and often remote––obstetricians with a complete, timely picture of the condition of both mother and baby, as well as the progression of labor.

The PeriWatch Vigilance Mobile solution provides a browser-based view, adapted to all modern mobile devices, of the same continuous AI-powered analysis of maternal vital signs, fetal heart rate, contractions, and labor progression. It provides remote L&D clinicians with real-time access to the early warning system and clinical decision support tools directly from mobile devices––allowing for 24/7 unit oversight and consultation with the L&D bedside team.

“In today’s health systems, clinicians increasingly need to be able to monitor their patients in a variety of settings,” said Drew Narayan, Chief Commercial Officer of PeriGen. “Extending our AI-powered analytics to be accessible from mobile devices is a natural extension for us and will enhance the clinician’s ability to reduce risk and improve clinical outcomes for moms and babies.”

An automated early warning system and clinical decision support tool for obstetrics, PeriWatch Vigilance is designed to enhance clinical efficiency, timely intervention, and standardization of care. It adds an AI-based approach to patient safety initiatives. It can track hundreds of patients across multiple sites––continuously sorting and color-coding them according to defined parameters and notifying clinicians based on degree and duration of abnormality.

PeriWatch Vigilance Mobile is available immediately. To learn how to harness the analytical power and presence of PeriWatch Vigilance both within and outside the walls of the hospital, visit the PeriWatch Vigilance Mobile product resource page.