Particle Health Appoints Dr. Carolyn Ward as Director of Clinical Strategy


Board Certified Physician Brings to the Role Her Firsthand Experience Accessing Patient Data and New Perspectives on Navigating Interoperability Obstacles

Particle Health, an interoperability platform that aggregates and delivers actionable patient data and insights to healthcare companies, today announced the appointment of Carolyn Ward, MD, as Director of Clinical Strategy. In the new role, she will be responsible for developing, communicating, and driving the clinical product roadmap for the organization while working to ensure that the voice of providers and patients are represented during every step of the company’s research and development process.

How health data is created, collected, transmitted, and analyzed in the U.S. healthcare system must be more cohesive to prevent digital friction. That is why Particle was founded with a mission to enable simple and secure access to actionable patient data through its modern API platform. Dr. Ward’s role at Particle is key to helping the organization solve the complex problem of making data not only accessible but usable in a way that is interoperable and actionable to promote positive patient outcomes.

“As a practicing board-certified primary care physician, Dr. Ward has experienced firsthand the frustration that providers and patients face when it comes to navigating data accessibility and usability challenges. This includes the consequences that are presented when access to important health information is limited at best,” said Troy Bannister, CEO, Particle Health. “We are thrilled to welcome her onboard as our Director of Clinical Strategy where these advanced insights combined with her proven ability to innovate across medical processes and technology solutions will be instrumental as we look to shape the future of our Particle Health product offering.”

Dr. Ward has worked in the healthcare field since 2016 having most recently served as an Internal Medicine Physician and on Clinical Product at Forward, where she practiced primary care with an emphasis on preventative medicine while also collaborating with the product and engineering teams to support the design and development of the organization’s digital health applications. She began her medical career as an Internal Medicine Resident at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, ultimately becoming Chief Resident at the same institution in 2020. She holds her medical degree from the Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and a bachelor’s degree in neurobiology from the University of Pennsylvania

“I am excited to join the Particle Health team as a Director of Clinical Strategy, and I look forward to infusing my deep healthcare experience as well as my passion for innovative technology disruption into my role,” said Dr. Carolyn Ward. “I joined the company because they are working to solve the critical problem of data accessibility within the healthcare industry. Today Particle is leading the charge in developing solutions that empower clinicians and developers to spend less time building data pipelines or workflows and more time leveraging this information to improve patient outcomes.”