Paragonix Technologies announces the launch of the new OPTION On-Demand Preservation Services Network

Integrated network provides transplant programs nationwide with expedited access to advanced organ preservation and transport solutions

Paragonix Technologies announces the launch of its new OPTION On-Demand Preservation Services Network in the United States. OPTION is an around-the-clock rapid deployment service designed to better serve the transplant community and improve efficiencies in donor organ procurement and recovery. The first phase of the OPTION program has launched, including the establishment of a nationwide forward deployment of distributed inventory at responsive depots to ensure transplant surgeons have access to advanced hypothermic preservation technologies.

Due to increased product demands, and the challenging logistics associated with recovering, preserving and transporting donor organs, regularly in only a few hours and often in the middle of the night, Paragonix is launching this just-in-time service to ensure 24/7 availability of Paragonix organ preservation products.

In addition, with a rise in “local procurement,” an increasingly common situation where a transplant team local to the donor recovers the organ(s) and sends them to the recipient hospital transplant team, the need has increased for distributed inventory and a more rapidly deployed product. A recent recovery in Alaska required the securing of a locally inventoried Paragonix organ preservation device in under a few hours, to support the transport of a donor organ to the east coast. By increasing access to regionally available inventory, Paragonix will support logistically challenging procurements and improve the efficiency of the organ donation system.

“We are proud to offer the OPTION in collaboration with top logistics providers across the country,” says Garrett Riddle, VP Manufacturing at Paragonix. “Whether it is an outreach from a U.S. transplant center or Organ Procurement Organization, our team is now able to rapidly deploy Paragonix devices to the site of organ donation 24/7/365.”

“The donation and transplant teams involved in donor organ procurements are working tirelessly around the clock to serve donor families and transplant recipients. While we have offered 24/7 clinical and technical support since market entry, we can now supercharge customer support with our OPTION program,” said Lisa Anderson, Ph.D., President & CEO at Paragonix Technologies, Inc. “This new offering will increase our coverage for any type of case that arises.”

OPTION is the latest element in a strategy to provide advanced services to improve transplant efficiencies. Paragonix has already launched a digital platform to enhance transplant team coordination and data visibility. In future phases the company will be further expanding offerings to continue improve the efficiency and effectiveness of transplant services.