Ovia Health Announces Launch of Breastfeeding Bootcamp Series

Series educating women on breastfeeding released by Ovia Health

Ovia Health announced the launch of its Breastfeeding Bootcamp, sponsored by Elvie, makers of the first silent, wearable breast pumps. The Breastfeeding Bootcamp series was launched on August 12, 2021, to align with Breastfeeding Awareness Month.
The series covers a range of topics including; how to prepare and get started, overcoming challenges, mom’s physical and mental health as well as highlighting the equipment needed for a mother’s breastfeeding journey, specifically breast pumps.
“Our Breastfeeding Bootcamp is an educational series of articles, videos, and digestible tips designed to provide support and guidance to our community as they navigate their breastfeeding journey. Members are eager for content, so we’ve developed the Bootcamp series to provide valuable information for moms-to-be, new moms, and veteran breastfeeding moms,” said Cassandre Charles, Vice President Marketing, Consumer for Ovia Health, and mom. “Women often struggle with breastfeeding after their baby is born. This series is designed to dispel myths, provide accurate information and ease the stress that can sometimes be associated with breastfeeding.”
“We are excited to partner with Ovia and sponsor the 2021 Breastfeeding Bootcamp. Elvie believes in laying the groundwork and having platforms to educate women about their bodies. We strive to improve women’s lives through smarter technology, and a partner like Ovia can help us reach this goal by creating and giving moms access to valuable educational content.” says Laura Chen, US Head of Marketing for Elvie.
The last week of August is also Black Breastfeeding Week (BBW). BBW was founded in 2019 to uplift Black families and communities through a variety of support initiatives, creating national awareness about racial disparities in breastfeeding. Ovia will be collaborating with the National Birth Equity Collective in honor of BBW.
Breastfeeding Bootcamp kicked off with a 10-part video series centered around specific breastfeeding themes. Each video will feature Ovia Health coaches and other lactation experts to offer real and approachable advice.
There are 10 videos in total, including:
Breastfeeding Beginnings
Pumping Prep
  • Picking the Pump: Understanding Different Breast Pump Options and Getting to Know Your New Equipment
  • Unpacking the Pump: Featuring Elvie
  • Storing & Sending milk: How Long, How Much
Overcoming Obstacles
  • It Takes a Village: Identifying BF Challenges & When to Seek Help
  • Crying over Spilled Milk: How Breastfeeding Can Affect Your Mental Health
  • The Working & Breastfeeding Mom
“We are dedicated to supporting moms no matter where they are on their breastfeeding journey. The videos are designed to be educational, entertaining, and relatable,” says Charles. “Breastfeeding is the most popular topic in our Ovia community, and we’re so excited to hear community feedback.”