Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Partnership with LeanTaaS Shows Early Success in Alleviating OR Staffing Challenges


OHSU deployed the new iQueue for Operating Rooms Staff Planner module to save staff 25 hours per week through AI-powered scheduling and staff assignments

Oregon Health and Science University‘s partnership with LeanTaaS is showing initial success in alleviating perioperative staffing challenges in its Center for Health and Healing (CHH). They are using LeanTaaS’ new Staff Planner module in iQueue for Operating Rooms. After using iQueue Staff Planner for nine months, OHSU’s CHH OR service line coordinators are saving 20 hours per week by streamlining the staff assignment workflow and eliminating duplicate data entry and manual communication tasks. Charge nurses and nurse managers are saving an estimated 5 hours a week due to the streamlined assignment workflow provided by iQueue Staff Planner, including real-time integration of staff case history. These results were shared at LeanTaaS’ Transform Hospital Operations Summit during Becker’s Annual Meeting in Chicago.

iQueue Staff Planner leverages OHSU’s surgical case participant data combined with the staff schedule and the upcoming OR schedule to provide a “single source of truth” to optimize daily OR staff assignments. OR staffing leaders are prompted with recommendations for optimal assignments to match staff to rooms and cases, ensuring the right staff with the right experience are made available. Additionally, staffing leaders can validate staff experience with specific procedures and surgeons directly within the tool, ensuring the day runs smoothly for patient safety and to proactively advance training opportunities based on staff development goals and department training needs. Given the success of the pilot at CHH, OHSU is expanding iQueue Staff Planner to additional locations to standardize staffing workflows, provide a better experience for nurses and service line coordinators, and support quality and patient safety through more effective surgical teams.

“OHSU and LeanTaaS have had a long and successful partnership, so naturally we turned to them to help us solve our perioperative staffing challenges. We needed to give our staff better access, accountability, and visibility into staffing needs to increase efficiencies and reduce manual efforts that lead to burnout,” said Dio Sumagaysay, Vice President, Perioperative & Multi-specialty Procedural Services from Oregon Health & Science University. “We’re thrilled that iQueue Staff Planner is helping our team save days of time, which can be redirected back to patient care and to create better staff development and cross-training opportunities. We are very excited to expand iQueue Staff Planner to additional OHSU locations.”

Sumagaysay presented OHSU’s story, results, and roadmap for success with iQueue Staffing on day two of Becker’s 14th Annual Meeting in Chicago at the Transform Hospital Operations Summit. This sub-event hosted by LeanTaaS focused on “Breaking through Barriers: Optimizing Capacity and Staffing with AI,” with presentations from healthcare executives at nine leading health systems.

“The healthcare workforce is short staffed and overburdened, and that’s not likely to change anytime soon. OHSU is leading the way by showing the major role that AI has to play in solving challenges that help staff work smarter and operate at the top of their license,” said Mohan Giridharadas, Founder and CEO of LeanTaaS. “We’re grateful to have such a strong and collaborative partnership with OHSU and proud to help them solve one of the biggest issues in healthcare today.”

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