OneDraw™ Blood Collection Device Wins Red Dot Award for Outstanding Medical Device Product Design

Drawbridge Health today announced that the OneDraw™ Blood Collection Device, the enabling technology for the FDA cleared OneDraw™ A1C Test System, has won the prestigious Red Dot Award: Product Design 2020 in the category of Medical Devices. This recognition for the OneDraw Blood Collection Device underscores Drawbridge Health’s quest to become a leading innovator in patient-centric blood sampling.

In the Red Dot Award global competition, the OneDraw Blood Collection Device was among over 6,500 products entered into the competition from more than sixty countries. The award for Outstanding Medical Device Product Design followed hands-on evaluation of the OneDraw Blood Collection Device by a panel of international experts.

The OneDraw Blood Collection Device uniquely enables remote sample collection anytime and anywhere in a convenient, comfortable way and is intended to help improve patient care and compliance. Importantly, the high quality sample is stable for up to three weeks* and has the potential to bring lab testing into the home setting. Instead of using a traditional hypodermic needle to puncture a patient’s vein, the device is placed on the skin and blood is gently collected using tiny lancets with a light vacuum suction.

The Drawbridge Health team developed the OneDraw Blood Collection Device with a focus on creating a comfortable, convenient, and effortless blood draw experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. The device was designed to collect blood in a “closed system,” with the sample pulled directly into the device, without visible lancets. The OneDraw Blood Collection Device is an innovative device that significantly reduces obstacles for drawing blood — pain and discomfort from venipuncture and fingerstick — that until now were accepted as unavoidable.

“We are extremely proud to have the OneDraw Blood Collection Device selected as the best-of-the-best in product design. The Red Dot award highlights our commitment to excellence and quality, and demonstrates our devotion to developing a patient-centric device. OneDraw was developed with thoughtful design and superior engineering, delivered in a simple and intuitive device that streamlines the blood draw process and greatly improves the experience for patients and healthcare professionals,” said Lee McCracken, CEO at Drawbridge Health.

The OneDraw A1C Test System received FDA clearance in August 2019 and completed the CE Mark process in February 2020. The OneDraw Blood Collection Device will be added to the Red Dot Design Museum Essen, a showcase for Red Dot award recipients, showcasing best-in-class product design from around the world.