One Drop Announces Release of One Drop|Mobile for Android

Company releases its award-winning mobile health app on the Android platform, providing even more accessible care to people with diabetes worldwide

One Drop announced the launch of One Drop | Mobile for Android. One Drop | Mobile is an award-winning diabetes management solution delivered entirely via mobile app, available on iOS since April 2015. Since launch, One Drop | Mobile users from over 190 countries worldwide have logged over 1,500,000 user sessions and contributed over 85,000,000 health-related data points. Together, the One Drop community’s data is being used to provide meaningful data-driven health insights to all people with diabetes.

“We want to bring the same simple, gorgeous, useful, data-driven experience that we deliver to iOS users to everyone on the Android platform. We want everyone with diabetes worldwide to become more engaged in their diabetes management, eat the right foods, take their medications, and lower their blood glucose levels,” said Jeff Dachis, Founder and CEO of One Drop. “Now, with One Drop | Mobile on Android, they can.”

One Drop | Mobile provides real-time and historical blood glucose data and analytics to empower people with diabetes and their healthcare providers to see relationships between health behaviors and health outcomes. The app highlights blood glucose patterns, providing support for behavior change and, if necessary, medication adjustments. One Drop | Mobile’s interface also makes it easy for users to share health information with health care providers, family, friends, and other caregivers.

“We use mobile tools to manage and optimize almost everything, from our finances to our social lives to our exercise routines. Why should diabetes be any different?” Dachis said. “One Drop’s mission is to relentlessly improve the lives of people with diabetes. By bringing diabetes technology up to speed with the rest of our lives, we are making health data accessible and actionable, and empowering everyone on One Drop to make better decisions, together.”

Diabetes is a global epidemic affecting roughly 500 million people worldwide. Nearly 1 out of 5 healthcare dollars ($750 billion) is spent annually on direct diabetes costs, healthcare services, loss of productivity, and disability in the United States. The One Drop platform empowers people with diabetes to make better choices and achieve healthier blood glucose levels, which helps prevent the complications that drive diabetes-related spending. The future of health care is data-driven self care, and One Drop is leading the charge by empowering people take their health into their own hands.