Nuance Announces General Availability of DAX Copilot Embedded in Epic, Transforming Healthcare Experiences with Automated Clinical Documentation


Lifespan Health, OCHIN, and UNC Health are among the first of over 150 health systems, hospitals and medical centers to free clinicians from administrative tasks and increase clinical efficiency

Nuance® Communications, Inc., a Microsoft Company  has made  Nuance® Dragon® Ambient eXperience™ Copilot (DAX™ Copilot) embedded in Epic generally available. This AI-powered system, which is available for full integration into the Epic electronic health record (EHR), automates the creation of clinical documentation during patient exams, reduces administrative tasks, and helps physicians focus on patient care.

DAX Copilot embedded in Epic is the result of a pioneering partnership between Microsoft, Nuance, and Epic to accelerate innovation of conversational, ambient, and generative AI solutions for EHR users to expand care access, enhance provider and patient experiences, and improve healthcare outcomes. The solution securely drafts clinical notes, recording in-office and telehealth patient visits with patient consent directly in Haiku—Epic’s mobile application—and produces a draft note for immediate physician review and completion. This industry-first integration builds on proven DAX ambient AI technology used by thousands of providers nationwide.

According to survey data from thousands of clinicians using DAX conducted in early 2023, clinicians using DAX have reported a significant reduction in documentation time, an increase in the number of patients they are able to see per day, and a decrease in cognitive burden. Nuance DAX users report that the ambient solution reduced feelings of burnout and fatigue by 70%, and cut time spent on clinical documentation by 50%, including reports of seven minutes saved per encounter and five additional appointments added on average per clinic day. The vast majority of patients say their physicians are more personable and focused when using Nuance DAX solutions during exams.

“We’re proud to be among the early adopters of this integrated, scalable and proven solution to help OCHIN network providers automate their clinical documentation, improve efficiency, and enhance the connected care experience of their patients,” said Kim Klupenger, Chief Experience Officer at OCHIN.

Lifespan Health and UNC Health are among the more than 150 health systems, hospitals, and medical centers that are set to deploy DAX Copilot embedded in Epic at scale. The widespread deployment and adoption of DAX Copilot not only enhances clinical workflows, but also elevates the overall patient care experience.

“Our clinicians say that DAX Copilot enhances the already vital role of the Epic EHR by making clinical documentation an intuitive and straightforward part of providing high-quality patient care,” said Brent Lamm, CIO of UNC Health. “Patients also say how much they value the conversational interactions they have with their providers and how they truly feel seen and heard during visits while DAX Copilot unobtrusively takes care of the clinical documentation.”

“Our core goal is to improve the care of every patient. This happens best when there is time and space for conversations between patients and clinicians because the system does the heavy lifting of creating the note,” said Seth Hain, SVP of R&D at Epic. “It is breathtaking to watch years of collaboration with Nuance come together in a meaningful way.”

“Even by the high standards and strong results established over our years-long collaboration, our pioneering partnership to integrate DAX Copilot with the Epic ecosystem stands out,” said Peter Durlach, CVP, Chief Strategy Officer, Microsoft Health and Life Sciences. “Our commitment to deliver a robust solution for some of healthcare’s most pressing issues in less than six months signals a new era in accelerated innovation driven by leaders like Epic and using the combined expertise, resources, and responsible AI development capabilities of Nuance and Microsoft.”

DAX Copilot has controls in place to support Nuance’s compliance with HIPAA and is developed with a commitment to create AI-powered solutions that are trustworthy, safe, and secure.