Nuance and Providence Collaborate to Create a Better Patient Experience and Ease Clinician Burden

The Providence and Nuance strategic collaboration will focus on AI-powered solutions to assist with clinician-patient documentation and reduce digital friction across the health system

Nuance® Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) and Providence, one of the largest health systems in the country, today announced a strategic collaboration to improve both the patient and caregiver experience. As part of this collaboration, Providence will build on the long-term relationship with Nuance by expanding its use of Nuance’s cloud solutions across its 51-hospital, seven-state system. Together, Providence and Nuance will also develop integrated clinical intelligence and enhanced revenue cycle solutions.

In partnership with Nuance, Providence will focus on the clinician-patient experience by harnessing  a comprehensive voice-enabled platform that through patient consent uses ambient sensing technology to securely and privately listen to clinician-patient conversations while offering workflow and knowledge automation to complement the electronic health record (EHR). This technology is key to enabling physicians to focus on patient care and spend less time on the increasing administrative tasks that contribute to physician dissatisfaction and burnout.

“Our partnership with Nuance is helping Providence make it easier for our doctors and nurses to do the hard work of documenting the cutting-edge care they provide day in and day out,” said Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., executive vice president and chief clinical officer at Providence. “The tools we’re developing let our caregivers focus on their patients instead of their keyboards, and that will go a long way in bringing joy back to practicing medicine.”

To further improve healthcare experiences for both providers and patients, Providence will build on its deployment of Nuance Dragon Medical One with the Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX). Innovated by Nuance and Microsoft, Nuance DAX combines Nuance’s conversational AI technology with Microsoft Azure to securely capture and contextualize every word of the patient encounter – automatically documenting patient care without taking the physician’s attention off the patient.

“We see our strategic collaboration with Providence as a model for the deep partnerships needed to transform healthcare delivery,” said Diana Nole, executive vice president and general manager, healthcare division at Nuance. “Throughout our long working relationship, Providence has been an innovation leader and deeply committed to improving patient outcomes, provider experiences, and the overall value of care delivery. We look forward to continuing our close collaboration with Providence and the opportunities to develop ambient capabilities and enhanced revenue cycle innovations that benefit the entire health care industry.”

Tom McGuinness, corporate vice president, global healthcare at Microsoft said, “The collaboration between Microsoft, Providence, and Nuance is a prime example of how to bring together the market, technical, and domain expertise needed to drive positive change in healthcare delivery and outcomes. It shows the power and synergies of Microsoft’s partner network and is one of the best outcomes we could envision for the providers and patients using our healthcare solutions.”

As part of the expanded partnership, Nuance and Providence will jointly innovate to create technologies that improve health system efficiency by reducing digital friction. This journey will begin with the deployment of CDE One for Clinical Documentation Integrity workflow management, Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD), and Surgical CAPD, which focus on accurate clinician documentation of patient care. Providence will also adopt Nuance’s cloud-based PowerScribe One radiology reporting solution to achieve new levels of efficiency, accuracy, quality, and performance.