NextGen Healthcare Announces EHR-Agnostic Gaps in Care Capability

Population health analytics delivered at point of care will assist healthcare providers in achieving better patient outcomes

Today, NextGen Healthcare Inc. (NASDAQ:NXGN), a leading provider of ambulatory-focused healthcare technology solutions, announced its partnership with healthcare information technology (HIT) vendor Holon Solutions to deliver patient-centric population health insights at the point of care in a wide array of electronic health record (EHR) solutions, without the need for conventional interfaces.

“When value-based care works, patients receive more coordinated, appropriate, and effective care and providers are rewarded,” said NextGen Healthcare Chief Solutions Officer and Executive Vice President John Beck. “Through our partnership with Holon, we can now provide actionable analytics in a provider’s workflow regardless of EHR technology, to help physician groups, community health centers, ACOs, and health systems deliver more efficient, high-quality, and cost-effective care.”

Holon Solutions’ CollaborNet™ Insights will complement NextGen® Population Health and Analytics Solutions (formerly Eagle Dream Health) to automatically deliver relevant patient information at the point of care based on analytics of data aggregated from disparate sources. Data sources can include health information exchanges (HIEs), paid claims, ADT, electronic practice management, and EHR systems. Healthcare providers and their care teams will receive real-time notifications that identify gaps in care along with a patient risk assessment score for the patient in context. This combined solution eliminates the need for providers to leave their workflow, enabling optimal patient outcomes and financial performance, while minimizing the administrative burden on providers.

“Holon believes in partnership and collaboration to drive innovation in healthcare,” said Julie Mann, Chief Commercial Officer of Holon Solutions. “Our solution complements and empowers NextGen’s population health solutions, increasing their value by surfacing analytical insights into the user’s EHR-agnostic workflow. By linking our technologies, NextGen Healthcare Population Health and Analytics users will benefit from a streamlined workflow—staying in their EHR while patient-specific notifications guide immediate actions.”

NextGen Healthcare’s Population Health and Analytics Solutions empower healthcare providers to access meaningful analytics and actionable intelligence to better serve patients and achieve value-based payment objectives, delivering the right care at the right time. To learn more about NextGen Population Health and Analytics Solutions, please visit