New CurrentMD COVID App Facilitates Just-in-Time Learning for Frontline Physicians

Mary Ellen Beliveau, founder and CEO of Knowledge to Practice

Launched by Knowledge to Practice, the new app delivers emerging COVID-19 information directly to providers’ mobile devices

Physicians now have emerging COVID content at their fingertips, thanks to a new mobile app launched by Knowledge to Practice (K2P)—a leading provider of personalized online solutions for physicians, hospitals and healthcare systems.

Traditional Continuing Medical Education (CME) has real deficiencies when it comes to supporting clinicians on the go. By contrast, the new Knowledge to Practice CurrentMD app (listed in the app store as K2PCMD) is regularly updated with the most recent, vetted findings distilled from the literature and leading experts in their fields. On-the-go microlearning modules are pushed directly to personal devices, so providers are better positioned to diagnose, treat, and manage care for COVID patients.

“As COVID cases continue to rise across the country, frontline providers are overwhelmed and are experiencing high rates of burnout,” said Mary Ellen Beliveau, founder and CEO of Knowledge to Practice. ”Our new app helps them keep up with the latest findings on the virus—at the rate of discovery—by delivering on-demand, personalized information from our COVID learning platform in a convenient, accessible format.”

The app is now freely available to CurrentMD COVID subscribers on iOS with Android soon to follow. Providers can complete as many as 50 activities and earn as many as 13.75 CME credits via the app. Interested users can access the content by signing up for a subscription here.

Content is updated on an expedited, rolling basis and sourced from a panel of leading clinical thought leaders and contributing experts in Emergency Medicine, Intensive Care Medicine, Cardiovascular Care, Infectious Disease, Population Health, and Physician Leadership. Users can personalize their experience by adding content from their personal playlist to keep track of their progress and easily access their modules on the go. The app provides access to five learning tracks:

  • COVID-19 Background

  • Clinical Presentation

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment & Follow-up

  • Long-term Sequelae and Complications

Over 40% of the content has been updated since the CurrentMD COVID platform launched in July. The second wave of content is being overseen by Dr. David B. Nash, Founding Dean Emeritus of Jefferson School of Public Health and a member of K2P’s advisory board. The new app works offline with no network connection and audio formats can be downloaded for offline listening.

“More than half of the traffic we were seeing for our web-based CurrentMD COVID platform came from mobile devices, so we knew there was a real need in the market for this. We see the app as a much more immersive experience, which we think represents the future,” said Kara Sasse, Chief Product Officer Knowledge to Practice. “K2P is currently working on adding even more features to the app, including subscriber access to K2P’s other products.”