New AI Platform Works Hand-in-Hand with Healthcare Workers

Olive Helps Enable Healthcare Employees to Work Faster and Smarter

For the capacity-stricken healthcare sector, the last six months have reinforced the need for an AI workforce to ensure financial continuity while delivering superior patient care. As health systems across the country struggle to streamline processes and revitalize revenues without impacting patient care, more han 600 hospitals and health systems have turned to AI to supplement operations and better support administrative staff. Today, Olive announced the latest innovation to a revolutionary platform aimed at enhancing the way administrative hetalthcare workers manage essential tasks across nearly every aspect of the care continuum: Olive Helps.

Olive Helps provide human workers the information they need – right when they need it – transforming healthcare employees into superhuman workers through real-time intelligence that improves the quality, speed and impact of their work.

“Olive Helps is a game changer for us as we plan for 2021,” said Debra Lowe, Head of Revenue Cycle at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. “We are excited about the wide range of operational applications for Olive Helps. Our first use cases will be within the revenue cycle, but I feel that our clinical users will find this tool equally valuable. In our world, I can see it replacing the plethora of Post It notes and OneNote notebooks that our staff access throughout the day.”

“Healthcare has gotten the leftovers of innovative technologies for years. Not anymore – the launch of Olive Helps marks a new era for the future of healthcare AI and Cybernetics,” said Sean Lane, CEO of Olive. “It’s the next step in a long journey to creating capabilities that bring value to our health systems and solutions to our healthcare workers who sacrifice so much for the advancement of the industry. The Olive Helps platform will enable a better, more efficient healthcare system for all, and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Healthcare workers are bogged down by time-consuming tasks like prior authorizations, patient verifications, billing, procurement, and more. By continuously learning from the cues in her environment, Olive Helps minimize the time required to complete these tasks and deliver targeted information to workers that enables better, faster results across hospitals and healthcare systems – at a time when employees’ time is more valuable than ever.

Olive Helps understand and optimize human behavior in the form of what’s called a ‘cybernetic loop,’ which can be created and accessed in Olive’s Loop Library – think: App Store. These Loops bring together the intelligence of healthcare providers and technology communities across the country – essentially, Olive Helps healthcare work smarter.

Olive Helps is just the latest in Olive’s growing product capabilities, operating alongside Olive Works: the AI workforce that automates high-volume processes across revenue cycle, supply chain, IT, human resource, finance, accounting, pharmacy operations, and clinical operations. In 2020, Olive Works became a critical infrastructure piece for hospitals as they managed resources and processed unprecedented amounts of data with limited resources.

“Olive Helps is like an AI-powered sidekick that senses the needs of human workers and delivers crucial information tailored to the individual user and their environment. The right information, at the right time, for the right person. In short, Olive Helps turn human workers into superhuman workers,” said Lane.

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