Neura Health Announces In-Network Agreement with Medicare in Florida


Seniors Now Have Access to Affordable, High-Quality Care for Headaches and Migraines

Neura Health, which was built to close the massive access and quality gap in neurological care, is pleased to announce that it is now an in-network provider for Medicare in Florida. Effective immediately, Florida-based Medicare participants can benefit from unparalleled levels of access to high-quality care for chronic headaches and migraines.

Seniors and others enrolled in Medicare can leverage Neura’s app to easily manage and track their chronic headaches and migraines. Patients are given personalized insights to identify trends in their symptoms, including headache triggers. They can also speak with board-certified neurologists through same-day or next-day video appointments.

“We’re very pleased to offer Florida Medicare beneficiaries members a new, in-network option for quality, affordable neurological care,” said Liz Burstein, CEO and Co-Founder, Neura Health. “Our mission is to help all headache and migraine sufferers receive the necessary care to improve their well-being. This is the beginning of Neura going in-network with many insurance plans across the nation, to increase the affordability and accessibility of our services.”

As of November 2021, Medicare enrollment in Florida stood at 4.8 million, which accounts for 21% of the state’s total population. While 88% of enrollees are seniors, the remaining 12% are under 65 and eligible due to a disability. Having access to a service such as Neura and receiving the necessary care is particularly relevant for these individuals, as they frequently must contend with significant transportation obstacles.

Medicare patients can now afford Neura for the low cost of membership ($1 for first week, $28/month after that) and co-pays compared to having to pay out-of-pocket for appointments. This will lower the barrier to entry for Neura’s Florida-based Medicare participants.

Neura’s headache and migraine app is available nationwide on Android and iPhone platforms. Experience chronic headaches or migraines, or know someone who does? Click here to learn more.