Nerivio Wearable Migraine Therapeutic Now Eligible for Coverage through UpScript’s Telemedicine Platform


Nerivio Patient Savings Program Allows Eligible Patients to Receive the Prescribed Wearable for Acute Treatment of Migraine for as Low as $10

Theranica, a prescribed digital therapeutics company developing advanced electroceuticals for migraine and other pain conditions, today announced that its FDA-authorized Nerivio® prescribed wearable for the acute treatment of migraine is now eligible for insurance coverage through the UpScript direct-to-patient telemedicine platform.

“It is our mission to make Nerivio accessible to everyone who experiences migraine episodes,” said Theranica CEO Alon Ironi. “We appreciate the efforts UpScript made to make Nerivio available and covered through its advanced telemedicine platform. People with migraine need rapid, affordable access to safe and effective therapies, and this is exactly what they can get using UpScript. This service connects any patient with a trained healthcare provider and, if they secure a prescription, a quick path to receiving their device, anywhere in the United States.”

Nerivio’s list price (Wholesale Acquisition Price, or WAC) is $599 for a 12-treatment unit. The Nerivio Patient Savings Program and reimbursement hub implementation enables Theranica to offer eligible patients with health insurance a co-pay as low as $10, depending on specific plan coverage. Nerivio is also covered by United States Veterans Administration (VA) system health insurance.

“At UpScript, we are pleased to be providing US patients the opportunity to try Nerivio, a unique prescribed therapeutics device which is now available for reimbursement,” added UpScript CEO Peter Ax. “We believe this is a unique way for migraine headache patients to try a great device in a convenient, affordable way through a telemedicine visit on the UpScript platform.” 


Nerivio deploys remote electrical neuromodulation to activate the body’s native conditioned pain modulation mechanism to treat headache and other symptoms associated with migraine.  The treatment is personalized through the Nerivio app (available for iPhone and Android), which also includes an interactive migraine diary to track treatment sessions and symptoms. The diary can be shared between patients and their healthcare professionals to improve migraine management. Randomized controlled trials as well as real-world evidence analyses demonstrate Nerivio’s effectiveness in treating migraine symptoms for patients including chronic and adolescent patients.

People with migraines aged 12 and older who would like to conduct a telemedicine visit with an UpScript physician to determine if Nerivio is right for them can start the process here.

Individuals can also speak with their own physicians and request a prescription form for their doctor here.