National Survey Finds Majority of Healthcare Workers Have Considered Leaving Their Roles or the Industry Altogether in the Past Year as Burnout Intensifies

Holon CEO, Jon Zimmerman

Survey of 691 healthcare workers identifies top frustrations, stressors and causes of burnout and turnover

Holon Solutions, the leading human-centric healthcare technology company, released new survey findings that provide insight into the current state of burnout and turnover in the healthcare industry, as well as how healthcare workers feel about rising administrative tasks and healthcare technologies.

According to the survey results, 77% of healthcare workers are experiencing burnout, with the top three reasons being not enough people to get the work done (70%), high demands from patients (48%) and too many patients (41%). Time constraints caused by time-consuming patient notes, summaries and charting (56%), as well as data entry (37%) are leading care teams to spend less time with patients. All this is contributing to a continued mass exodus from the field, with 62% of healthcare workers having considered leaving their role or the industry altogether.

The survey also found that healthcare workers are spending 34% of their time on administrative work, which is a major contributor to burnout, and 72% stated that they would be very or extremely interested in technology that cuts down the time of administrative work, including 75% of nurses surveyed.

“Healthcare workers are burned out due to staffing shortages compounded by tedious, redundant and wasteful admin work. The more staffing shortages persist, the more burnout occurs – fueling more staffing shortages. This vicious cycle is preventing care teams from doing what they got into healthcare to do: help people. It’s time to provide relief, prioritize the well-being of our workforce and take action to address this critical issue. To be successful, we have to change together, and we have to change smart,” said Jon Zimmerman, CEO of Holon Solutions.

The survey also asked healthcare professionals about their concerns for their role in the next one to two years. The top three concerns were increasing workload (65%), navigating new protocols (13%) and keeping up with innovations/new technologies (10%).

Amidst some of the largest nursing strikes the healthcare industry has ever seen because of increased workloads for not enough compensation, the survey found that the #1 reason healthcare workers, including 66% of nurses surveyed, stayed in their role was a competitive salary and benefits package.