National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers and Kipu Health Partner to Improve Patient Outcomes Through Data Sharing Initiative

NAATP Chief Executive Officer, Marvin Ventrell.


NAATP taps Kipu Health’s electronic health records (EHR) platform to support its new Foundation for Recovery Science and Education (FoRSE) program

Kipu, the technology partner for mental health and addiction service providers, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP), a nonprofit professional society that represents hundreds of not-for profit and for-profit addiction treatment providers, announced Kipu will serve as a  technology partner in NAATP’s new FoRSE treatment outcomes programs.   

NAATP’s FoRSE program, announced in September, relies on a clinical data repository  that allows data sharing from diverse populations and technology systems, with the ability to provide site-specific benchmarking reports on aggregated and de-identified  data. By working with Kipu, and addiction treatment centers who opt to participate,  FoRSE can effectively evaluate the outcomes of different services for varied populations,  which reinforces better care decisions for patients.  

“The partnership with Kipu is critical to the success of the FoRSE program,” said NAATP Chief Executive Officer, Marvin Ventrell. “As the addiction crisis grows, we have to be  able to pool and analyze data from multiple care settings to advocate for better  standards of care and improve patient outcomes across the health care delivery system. Many data projects are underway around the country and that’s good, but ultimately,  our capacity to produce quality guidance will come from the guiding principle of  collaborative science. This collaboration with Kipu is an excellent example of how we can  use data to empower providers and collectively work together to advance recovery for  patients.” 

NAATP began work on FoRSE in 2020 in preparation for the official launch that will take place at the NAATP National Addiction Leadership Conference, NAATP National 2021,  December 7-9 in Denver. 

“We take our role as a health care convener very seriously and this partnership with NAATP is a great step forward in advancing the use of data in behavioral health,” said Kipu Chief Executive Officer, Paul Joiner. “Through our involvement with FoRSE, we are  reinforcing a value-based care model that inspires collaboration with providers across  multiple care settings, ultimately improving the lives of patients coping with addiction.” 

NAATP National 2021 attendees can learn more about FoRSE during several sessions hosted by FoRSE Executive Director, Dr. Annie Peters, on December 8 and by visiting  Kipu’s conference booth 217. Information about the program is also available at