Mytonomy Launches Analytics Cloud Powered by Sisense to Deliver Data-Driven Patient Education and Engagement


Access To New Predictive Analytics and Insights Enables Health Systems To Make Data-Driven Decisions, Streamline Workflows, And Improve Staff Efficiency

Mytonomy, a healthcare cloud solution provider for patient education and engagement, has launched Mytonomy Analytics Cloud powered by Sisense to bring new analytics and engagement capabilities to Mytonomy’s Cloud for Healthcare platform. With the integration of Sisense’s HIPAA-compliant, advanced analytics tools, healthcare providers can easily track in real time, predict and more efficiently allocate resources where they are most needed, helping to save time and improve patient care.

“As healthcare providers continue to explore ways to integrate AI into workflows to help improve staff efficiency, our unique combination of video analytics and patient data from electronic health records enables nurses to effectively target those patients who require the most intervention,” said Vinay Ambekar, EVP of Product and Engineering at Mytonomy. “Predicting where staff should focus their attention is crucial for healthcare systems to optimize their workforce effectively. Our partnership with Sisense allows us to achieve this, enabling health systems to allocate resources where they are most needed.”

Current Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare customers will receive access to the new Sisense-powered interface, tools, and dashboards at no additional cost. Users will benefit from Sisense’s domain expertise and continuous upgrades, including real time predictive analytics and insights designed to help health systems make data-driven decisions regarding patient outreach, streamline workflows, and improve staff efficiency. Customers will continue to have full access to Mytonomy’s library covering a wide range of medical conditions, pre/post procedures, ambulatory and at-home care of more than 3K videos spanning more than 300 patient journeys.

“Mytonomy’s commitment to driving patient engagement is the perfect fit for Sisense,” said Ayala Michelson, Sisense’s Chief Product Officer. “Just as Mytonomy engages patients in their own care, Sisense brings analytics into the communication and training process, and both are critical factors for improving outcomes. Sisense’s flexible analytics are embedded across the communication continuum to provide invaluable insights on patient behavior so organizations can proactively deploy the right resources to increase engagement and reduce the cost of care.”

“When it comes to consumer content, there are firms that analyze TV data, audience insights, and measure advertising effectiveness,” said Vinay Bhargava, co-founder and President of Mytonomy, “In a similar manner, Mytonomy’s video analytics work hand-in-hand with health system patient data to track behavior and create healthcare information interventions that really work. Understanding and predicting consumer health behavior in real time is a tremendous asset for health providers looking to improve their patient education and engagement programs.”