MobileSmith Drives Better Care Management Decisions with Patient Adherence Management Solution Peri

Peri™ supports pre- and post-procedural adherence, enhances efficiencies, drives surgical revenue while improving overall health outcomes

MobileSmith Health (OTCBB: MOST), a leader in the digital health and mobile development sector that is reshaping traditional healthcare, today announced the evolution of its patient adherence management solution that enables healthcare providers to support pre- and post-procedural adherence across episodes of care. Through seamless EMR integration and adherence tracking dashboards, Peri™ by MobileSmith Health can save facilities as much as $3M annually – based on the average of 10,000 surgeries per year – by reducing complications, cancellations and 30-day readmissions. Peri includes a mobile app that provides patients with all the information needed throughout their care journey including pre-op, day of procedure, and post-op tasks and instructions assigned to each patient.

“The domestic deployment of EMRs is largely complete for hospitals and clinicians, but there’s crucial work still to be done as our industry must connect the 330 million Americans to this healthcare network and provide real-time feedback, price transparency, and a virtual front door to healthcare,” said Jerry Lepore, CEO for MobileSmith Health. “To do that, we must bring healthcare directly to patients who are seeking mobile patient experiences and Peri allows for that to finally become reality.”

Assigned right from the workflow within a patient’s EMR, Peri provides patients with basic information including the day, time and location for the test or procedure, along with a contact number that’s tap-to-call enabled – simplifying communications between patient and provider. An AI-assisted bot helps educate patients while personalizing their experience by breaking down intensive or daunting medical information in a format that’s easier to understand. With Peri, providers can identify patients critically out of adherence and prioritize interventions, giving clinicians the ability to make better decisions for their patients based upon adherence tracking, resulting in improved health outcomes and a more rewarding patient experience.

Designed for all general and specialty procedures and surgeries, Peri brings a more streamlined and effective care process to both patients and providers, resulting in better outcomes, reduced provider burnout, and better patient perceptions of care while launching in as little as 90 days.

MobileSmith Health solutions currently serve 60 clients representing over 200 hospital locations with Peri approved in leading EMR platform App marketplaces. The company recently announced a strategic alliance with AT&T that will enable hospitals to connect with patients pre and post procedure through the seamless integration of Peri™ with AT&T’s Edge-to-Edge Digital Hospital solutions.