M*Modal’s Cloud-Based Artificial Intelligence Is Widely Adopted by Physicians to Improve Patient Care

Unique Intelligent Clinical Assistant Is Changing the Clinical Documentation Paradigm at a Rapid Pace

M*Modal, a leading provider of clinical documentation and Speech Understanding™ solutions, today announced that its ground-breaking clinical intelligence has been broadly embraced by physicians in over 150 sites since the launch of the application in 2015. The company’s distinctive innovation includes Computer-Assisted Physician Documentation (CAPD) augmenting its top-ranking M*Modal Fluency Direct® to deliver automated, real-time and interactive insights to clinicians as they document in the electronic health record (EHR) for continuous improvement in how doctors care for their patients.

More than 200,000 physicians rely on M*Modal’s cloud-based Speech Understanding technology to accurately tell their patients’ stories. A year after the launch, the clinical intelligence application is already used by more than 150 customer sites. This interactive clinical intelligence system automatically brings the right information to the physician at the right point in time within the clinical workflow for unparalleled gains in delivering smarter care.

By utilizing the CAPD functionality of M*Modal’s speech recognition solution, Fluency Direct, to support clinical documentation improvement (CDI), healthcare organizations have reported a 30% reduction in retrospective queries and amendments to the documentation. This significantly increases efficiency and documentation accuracy for physicians. Moreover, 70% of physicians utilizing this system are interacting with the clinical insights for record-breaking physician technology adoption and engagement.

The three keys to such rapid and successful adoption are the accuracy of the insights derived using Natural Language Understanding of both structured and unstructured patient information, the unique ambient user experience, and the ease of technology integration.

“The ability to understand real-world patient stories at this unmatched level of accuracy is a result of M*Modal’s Speech Understanding being all cloud-based since 2005, which was until very recently considered esoteric in the rest of our field,” said Detlef Koll, Chief Technology Officer at M*Modal. “M*Modal uses a unique medical documentation, transcription and editing process to capture and correct the clinical facts in the narrative — not just the words like the rest of the industry. Continual learning from hundreds of million minutes of dictation per year for more than 10 years has created the foundation to train our Natural Language Understanding technology at an unprecedented scale using deep learning.”

“We have successfully and seamlessly integrated M*Modal’s CAPD into our physician workflows by incorporating it into our EHR. This CAPD provides information embedded in current workflows so the information sharing is non-disruptive, but still results in physician behavior change,” said Dr. John Showalter, MD, Chief Health Information Officer at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. “Importantly, the real-time information shared can be personalized to maximize efficiency while minimizing workflow disruptions. Advanced analytics about the physician’s documentation can be done retrospectively using the application’s ‘silent-mode’ with no workflow disruption. The combination of real-time support and advanced analytics gives us the knowledge we need to improve our physicians’ documentation practices.”

M*Modal’s interactive documentation system is compatible with all leading EHRs, requiring no deep systems integration for ease and speed of deployment.

Now, in its natural evolution, M*Modal’s assistive technology is redefining how patient care is documented in the U.S. This closed-loop documentation system is now poised for further game-changing advancement to bring more complex insights and analytics into the documentation workflow, including clinical analytics, best practices, predictive analytics, and risk modeling. M*Modal Fluency Direct with CAPD is becoming a true conversational assistant by going from just advising care teams towards best practices to pro-actively facilitating the resolution of gaps in documentation and care.

To keep up with the innovation driving today’s success and tomorrow’s opportunity, please visit the M*Modal booth (# 5029) at the 2016 HIMSS conference being held from February 29 to March 3 in Las Vegas.