MeviiTM Provides Support for Mild Depression & Anxiety through Mobile App

The maker of MeviiTM, a mobile application originally created to help promote well-being by managing stress, has announced a massive relaunch of its mobile app to address those suffering feelings of anxiety and mild depression. The self-help application uses evidence-based strategies grounded in cognitive behavioral therapy to help its users manage emotions, solve problems and strengthen relationships while developing mindfulness.

Co-Founded by Kelly Earp, PhD, MA, Thrive 4-7 LLC created Mevii to help change behaviors and build coping skills literally in the palm of your hand. Mevii utilizes video guidance, interactive activities, and relaxation exercises as well as a prototype tool of ‘Ask Mevii’ chat functionality powered by IBM Watson.

“In the updated Mevii, we want to create a resource that feels like a mentor in a warm yet transforming experience rather than like just an app” explains Deborah Hylton, JD, Chief Executive Officer of Mevii. “Our vision is to bring proven strategies into a mobile setting so that people in need can get support privately and in the time and place they choose—meeting people where they are.”

With its relaunch of Mevii, Thrive 4-7 LLC is also announcing partnership solutions for enterprise customers who want their employees or groups to have access to Mevii. In enterprise solutions, Thrive 4-7 would provide tools for onboarding employees in using Mevii, provide employers with aggregate and de-identified data on usage, and pre- and post-program self-reported outcomes.

“Over 20% of U.S. employees report high levels of stress and over 15% of U.S. adults report symptoms of depression,” adds Michael Williams, Chief Commercial Officer. “With our Enterprise solutions, we want to help provide additional means for companies to meet employee needs and demonstrate their commitment to their people—their most important resource.”

Individuals can download Mevii from both the App Store & Google Play for $9.99 per month. Learn more at