Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Broadens Access to Its Cancer Care Expertise With the Launch of Expanded Services for MSK Direct Members


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK) today announced the launch of a new digital patient experience through MSK Direct, a national cancer benefits solution for self-insured employers, labor unions, and health plans. With this launch, MSK Direct members will have seamless access through the MSK Direct app to virtual cancer support services, including expert medical opinions and 24/7 cancer care coaching and navigation. MSK Direct provides MSK’s subspecialized cancer expertise and lifesaving discoveries to people facing cancer, regardless of where they live, bringing better care to millions more people nationwide.

The MSK Direct app, which was built collaboratively with Jasper Health, a digital oncology platform company, is designed to guide members at every step — from initial diagnosis through navigating their cancer treatment plan and beyond. Key features include access to Jasper Health’s human-led cancer care coaching which supports members by providing an early line of sight when clinical issues arise, connecting them with their care team for guidance. The MSK Direct integrated support team includes oncology nurses, social workers, nutritionists, financial counselors, and exercise therapists, working together to deliver customized support to every member. Digital support tools within the app will make it easier for members to organize appointments and care, track medications and symptoms, and sync data from wearables all in one place. The MSK Direct app also offers customized educational content, further personalizing the member experience.

“Cancer care delivery models and digital health solutions are evolving to make it easier for patients and their caregivers to access expert advice and treatment,” said Anaeze Offodile II, MD, MPH, MSK’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Responding to the healthcare needs of longtime MSK Direct employer clients, we developed the MSK Direct app and expanded virtual services to support patients across the country, and potentially in international markets, with an eye toward innovation, efficiency, and ultimately, improved outcomes.”

“At MSK, we are committed to making cancer care more accessible for working people and their families around the nation by applying our subspecialized expertise to every patient’s unique case,” said Sergio Giralt, MD, Chief Medical Officer for MSK Direct and Bone Marrow Transplant Specialist and Cellular Therapist. “MSK Direct’s digital experience will provide personalized support to patients along their care journey, wherever they live, while delivering greater value to employers who want to provide world-class, cost-effective cancer expertise to their workforce.”

MSK Direct launched in 2016 and has expanded access to MSK’s expertise and care for more than 200 employers and unions whose 6.5 million covered lives work across the United States. The MSK Direct team works collaboratively with employers, labor unions, benefits consultants, health plans, and third-party administrators to solve some of the toughest challenges facing employees and members across the nation who are affected by or concerned about cancer.

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