MEDITECH’s High Availability SnapShot Provides Cloud-Based Backup Protection


Avera leverages EHR solution for added reliability in the event of unexpected downtime

MEDITECH customers can now enhance their emergency plans with the addition of High Availability SnapShot. The new cloud-based solution provides organizations with the Expanse Electronic Health Record (EHR) immediate access to patient data via a web browser if there is unanticipated downtime. This added protection ensures patient safety and enables clinicians to provide uninterrupted quality care. It also fosters greater confidence in the healthcare organization and helps strengthen patient and physician satisfaction and loyalty. Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD), a leading healthcare technology innovator, recently went LIVE with MEDITECH’s High Availability SnapShot.

“Having an emergency strategy to Avera has always been essential, especially being located in rural areas when our systems may experience issues because of unpredictable weather interrupting technology,” said Dr. Andrew Burchett, CMIO, Avera. “This addition to our downtime strategy strengthens our ability to support our community and care teams in any situation, and allows us to use technology to help provide patients with superior care.”

High Availability SnapShot leverages the highly secure Google Cloud Platform to provide Expanse customers uninterrupted access to critical patient data in the event of downtime due to natural disaster, utility outage, cyberattack, or other unplanned circumstance. The cloud network allows providers to retrieve critical patient data via a web browser on any cellular device, including smartphones and tablets. Enabling clinicians to smoothly transition to this cloud-based solution and continue to see the patient’s story, High Availability SnapShot reduces unnecessary stress on the clinical team and ensures a more positive patient experience.

“It is rewarding to help Avera advance their digital initiatives to ensure continuous access to the patient record so clinicians have data to drive the best possible patient outcomes,” said MEDITECH Executive Vice President Helen Waters. “High Availability SnapShot via native cloud application is another example of the progressive manner in which MEDITECH continues to move forward to shape the company and platform in this new era of healthcare.”

An integrated health system, Avera earned the highest level 10 “Most Wired” status and 2020 Superior Performance Excellence Award by the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME). This honor recognizes healthcare organizations and industry leaders for adopting technology to improve patient safety and outcomes. Avera serves a population of nearly one million through 3 hospitals, 215 primary and specialty care clinics, 40 senior living facilities, and more.