Medisafe Announces Apple Watch App

Medisafe™, the leading global medication management platform with over 1.5 million mobile users, announced today its forthcoming app for Apple Watch will be among the first available to customers starting April 24.

The Medisafe Apple Watch app offers customers an entirely new channel of medication management right from their wrist. Current Medisafe users who purchase an Apple Watch will simply need to update their iPhone app to get all of the benefits of the Apple Watch app. Since the Apple Watch app is an extension of the Medisafe iPhone experience, all of a customer’s information will automatically be accessible on Apple Watch.

Key features of the Medisafe Apple Watch app include:

  • Force Touch – Allows users to respond quickly to updates and prompts, mark medications as “taken,” and engage in related healthcare content and resources currently available on the iPhone app.
  • Glance – Allows users to easily view medication dosages and scheduled reminders.

“Medisafe’s Apple Watch app brings patients even closer to their medication and makes them increasingly accountable for their health. We’ve said many times we will be on the front end of the innovation curve when it supports and enhances our patient-centric approach to solving non-adherence,” said Omri Shor, Medisafe’s CEO. “Apple Watch not only makes it even easier for our users to stay on top of their medications, but also promises a more complete picture of a patient’s health. The Medisafe app supports HealthKit, so any data captured through Apple Watch’s sensors and workout and activity apps will be available to Medisafe users so they can track important health and fitness data alongside their adherence.”

The Apple Watch release falls on the heels of Medisafe’s recent product update to enable integration of user biometrics into their adherence reports, making it easier to track how taking medications as prescribed can lead to near-term health results. The two announcements together illustrate how Medisafe is embracing healthcare’s shift toward patient engagement and empowerment. It has never been easier for patients to take medications and stay motivated to continue over the longer-term.

The Medisafe Apple Watch app will be available from the Apple Watch App Store beginning April 24. The Medisafe iPhone app is available now as a free download from the App Store.