Maxim Healthcare Services Expands Caregiver Benefits Program


More Than $10 Million in New Caregiver Benefits

Maxim Healthcare Services, a national provider of continuous skilled nursing services as well as personal and behavioral care, has expanded their caregiver benefits program. Aimed at improving the overall well-being and job satisfaction of Maxim’s valued caregivers, the enhanced program is projected to provide more than $10 million in added benefits.

Maxim offers all employees robust, comprehensive, and competitive benefits packages and officially launched the enhanced benefits for caregivers in February 2024. Notable improvements include increases in paid time off, and the launch of a brand new awards program – MaxCares. MaxCares Award Program is unique, offering caregivers the flexibility to tailor their rewards and encompasses cash bonuses or the option for additional paid time off.

“At Maxim, we are committed to supporting the diverse needs of our team, and these enhancements exemplify our dedication to providing a comprehensive and personalized benefits experience,” said Maxim’s Chief Executive Officer, Jarrod DePriest. “Now more than ever is a challenging time to work in healthcare, and prioritizing the happiness and well-being of caregivers is critical.”

In 2023, Maxim leadership held roundtable discussions with caregivers, nurses, and behavior specialists, asking for their input and experience with the organization. This process included questions about the company’s pay and benefits package. As a result, the leadership team listened to employee feedback and created enhanced, personalized benefits and rewards. Laura Coulombe, Chief Human Resources Officer for Maxim, said, “Thanks to the voices and advocacy of our dedicated, hardworking caregivers and team members, we were able to significantly enhance the benefits we offer while incorporating the changes our employees wanted to see.”

In addition to the enhanced benefits for caregivers, Maxim has also invested more than $600,000, purchasing more than 3,000 medical devices to update and evolve clinical skills labs. With a focus on continually improving caregiver training, this investment will enhance patients’ lives.

Maxim provides continuous skilled nursing services, physical rehabilitation, personal care, respite care, and behavioral care for some of the nation’s most medically fragile patients. The company has grown significantly over the last 35 years and currently operates in 37 different states across the country, has more than 150 office locations and cares for 43,000 patients annually.