Mantra Health Announces New Solutions for Campus Mental Health Crisis, Supported by Series A Extension Funding

Innovative products include DBT self-guided content and emotional wellness coaching resources

Mantra Health, a clinically informed digital mental health provider for colleges and universities, reached a series of milestones that mark a new era of growth for the company. This month, Mantra Health launched a suite of new products, which includes dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) self-guided content and emotional wellness coaching resources for students; partnered with Togetherall to incorporate a high-quality peer-to-peer support network into their suite of services; and secured $5 million in a Series A extension round of funding from returning investors to set the course for its exponential growth.

“We set out to create the most comprehensive and effective mental health and wellness services for higher education,” said Mantra Health Co-Founder Matt Kennedy. “With this expansion, we are responding to a desire for an innovative, integrated campus mental health experience, bringing our mission of providing accessible, equitable, and high-quality solutions with a complete turn-key product for our university partners with the dual goals of improving student success while managing risk.”

Expansion of Services and Togetherall Partnership

Mantra Health’s new Whole Campus Care service allows access to comprehensive mental health services that support students across every stage of their mental health journey. Whole Campus Care offers teletherapy, telepsychiatry, and 24/7 emotional wellness support services. New services include a first-of-its-kind DBT Self-Guided Skills program that teaches mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness via curated skill collections, video lessons and journal reflections. All DBT content is designed by Dr. Carla Chugani, Mantra Health’s Vice President of Clinical Content and Affairs, and one of the world’s foremost experts in DBT as it applies to college students.

The platform’s additions encourage the adoption of skill-building programs through a new coaching service. These coaching programs, which have been proven to enhance engagement and improve outcomes, provide short-term and goal-oriented intervention and are available regardless of a student’s location nationwide.

“At Mantra, we remain firmly committed to providing clinically informed services that provide young adults with the highest quality of care,” said Dr. Chugani. “Our DBT program meets students and young adults where they are with what they need. We will also work with campuses on student activation and engagement, ensuring that students not only know about the product, but use them effectively and with successful outcomes.”

The Whole Campus Care service includes a unique partnership with Togetherall, the leading digital peer-to-peer support community with 24/7 clinical moderation and oversight, to provide students with a high-quality, clinically rigorous well-being ecosystem of mental health care, all accessible within an integrated patient experience.

The mission-aligned organizations have joined together to bring students a more integrated and comprehensive mental health solution. Through Togetherall’s anonymous, peer-to-peer support community, which is overseen and moderated 24/7 by licensed clinicians, students will give and get support from their peers. If desired, they will also have the chance to connect to Mantra Health’s clinical services, such as therapy, psychiatry, and on-demand behavioral health support, which includes crisis care.

“We’re proud to partner with an industry leader like Mantra Health and to open our safe online community to even more college students,” said Matthew McEvoy, Togetherall’s President and General Manager in North America. “Through this integration, we’re connecting hundreds of thousands of students from all backgrounds and providing them the safe space they need to confide in and support one another through anonymous yet personal connections.”

Both Mantra Health and Togetherall are dedicated to serving students of all backgrounds, including underrepresented students, students with disabilities, and those identifying as Black, Indigenous, or People of Color (BIPOC) and/or LGBTQIA+. Togetherall has experience working with traditionally marginalized student groups and those who don’t feel comfortable help-seeking. Mantra Health offers a diverse, specialized group of providers, so students can match with clinicians who understand their cultural backgrounds and lived experiences.

$5 Million in New Funding

The significance of this work has been validated by Mantra’s investors, including its Series A lead investor VMG Partners, who led a syndicate of internal investors, adding $5 million in Series A extension funding to support this expansion of services, bringing the company’s total fundraise to-date to over $34 million.

“We’re pleased to see the incredible value that Mantra Health is providing to their college and university partners,” said Khira Gabliani of VMG Partners. “We continue to invest in Mantra because we believe it is ideally positioned to provide a much-needed service for students in need.”

With this additional funding, Mantra will increase its research and development capacity to develop innovative, effective mental health products for higher education. Mantra will continue to offer its Capacity Expansion solution, a high-quality clinical staffing product for college counseling centers, maintaining a campus-tailored care solution with an exclusive provider group for institutions looking to augment their counseling services.