Mach7 Technologies Showcases Powerful Evolution in Medical Image Management at HIMSS16

Mach7’s patented technology paves the way for healthcare enterprises to rapidly ‘PAC up and GO’

Mach7 Technologies, award-winning provider of medical image management solutions, will showcase Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform 11.7.1 during the annual Health IT Conference and Exhibition in Las Vegas. Released this month, 11.7.1 further extends Mach7’s vision to power healthcare enterprises with consolidated, central access to a complete, unified patient healthcare record while providing the foundation for a best-of-breed Conquering Enterprise Imaging Roadblocks from Mobile Capture to PACS Migration Mobile medical image capture and management lacked broad integration with the electronic medical record (EMR). Mach7 broke through this barrier and in January was awarded a U.S.

Patent for mobile technology used in the iModality mobile application. The Patent covers any mobile device that can capture and upload imaging data into a patient’s EMR. Mach7’s iModality brings the power and sophistication of Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform to mobile devices and codifies mobile capture in a healthcare organization’s care delivery ecosystem.

iModality puts rapid mobile healthcare in the hands of patient-facing clinicians and moves image management closer to the point of care delivery speeding diagnosis and facilitating care Once a barrier to adoption of advanced Enterprise Imaging solutions, migration of imaging data from legacy archives is now quickly and simply managed with Mach7 Rapid Migration Utility.

“Mach7 unPACs legacy archives and completes the electronic health record through a standardized platform,” commented Eric Rice, chief technology officer, Mach7 Technologies. “Using the latest technology delivered in Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform, storage consolidation along with centralized access, sharing, and the exchange of clinical media is streamlined. With these capabilities, we empower our customers to build their best-of-breed healthcare ecosystem addressing the needs of their patient populations and business.”

Commenting as part of Mach7’s ‘Ask the Experts’ program, Trent Conwell, IT director for Sentara Health added, “Mach7 Enterprise Imaging Platform paved a path to a truly consolidated patient record without forcing a single-vendor solution across all specialties and departments. Mach7 is enabling clinical consolidation across disparate sites and solutions that is forming Sentara’s new Mach7’s technologies provide intelligent, sophisticated solutions that place imaging data in the rightful hands of clinicians, providers, and patients.