Lowe’s Believes: Iris Proves Santa Claus is Real

Families can detect Santa’s visit using next generation Iris smart home technology

This holiday season, Lowe’s invites believers and skeptics alike to sign up for its first-ever Santa Tracker, now available in the new Iris by Lowe’s mobile app. The next generation of Iris, the redesigned DIY smart home solution from Lowe’s, offers families the chance to prove not only that Santa paid them a visit, but exactly how he moved throughout their home on Christmas.

Free for existing next generation Iris customers, the new Iris by Lowe’s mobile app prompts a series of questions that, once answered, allow the physical Iris devices in your home to sync with the Santa Tracker. The app also offers new virtual invisible “Santa sensors” and a “Santa camera.” On Christmas morning, the app will reveal when, where and how Santa visited your home. Users may also catch Santa dropping off presents under the tree, sneaking milk and cookies and more.

Not yet an Iris customer? No problem. Lowe’s also created an iOS and Android mobile app for anyone hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa this year. Also available today in the Apple App Store and Google Play, the Iris by Lowe’s Santa Tracker is free to download and use.

How to track Santa with Iris by Lowe’s:

  • Next generation Iris customers: Open the new Iris by Lowe’s mobile app and tap the Santa Tracker button on the home screen to get started.
  • For first generation Iris and non-Iris customers: Download the free Iris by Lowe’s Santa Tracker in the Apple App Store or Google Play and follow setup instructions.
  • Then, users of both apps will be able to:
    • Select where Santa’s team of reindeer are likely to arrive.
    • Select where Santa most likely enters and exits their home (e.g. chimney, front door, garage).
    • Indicate what Santa is expected to do in the home (e.g. stop by the kitchen for cookies, drop presents under the tree, fill stockings, etc.).
    • Snap a photo where Santa is expected to appear.
    • Users can check the app before Christmas to make sure the sensors are working and open the app Christmas morning to confirm when Santa visited the home and how he moved around inside.

“Iris’ Santa Tracker offers a simple, fun way for families to bring the holidays to life,” said Mick Koster, vice president and general manager of Iris Home Systems. “Smart homes shouldn’t just be smart – they should be fun and make life more enjoyable. Within Lowe’s, our Iris team is committed to helping customers create a deeper relationship with their home through smart home technology. By dedicating a little of our after-hours time to integrate Iris’ real and virtual technologies this season, we’re hoping to enhance each family’s holiday experience and play a magical part in creating lasting memories.”

Last month, Lowe’s announced the next generation of its Iris smart home solution, which champions a mobile-first philosophy, giving users a simpler, more intuitive, interactive way to communicate with their homes. Iris offers value-priced products, an easy DIY system setup, free service from the day of installation, customizable rules to connect devices and a level of customer support consumers have come to expect from Lowe’s. Iris was developed and designed for the consumer, using nearly 70 years of home improvement experience and input from its 16 million shoppers a week.