Loopback Analytics’ New Geographic Analysis Helps Hospitals Understand Post-Acute Care Providers and Build Effective Care Delivery Networks

Publically Available Tool Leverages Key Quality Data to Provide Insight into Strong Partners Across the Care Continuum

Loopback Analytics, a pioneer in health care data integration and analytics solutions that streamline care transitions and patient population management, today unveiled its new Loopback Geographic Analysis Dashboard, an interactive analytics tool that allows hospitals to visually assess the quality of post-acute providers in their geographic region.

With simple ranking criteria, color-coded quality indicators and an interactive map, hospitals can easily see, at-a-glance, which skilled nursing and home health care providers in their local/regional networks and beyond deliver the highest in quality and efficient care to ensure the best possible patient outcomes. The dashboard is free, open to the public and easy to access at https://loopback.shinyapps.io/Loopback_Geographic_Analysis/.

A Critical Tool for Maximizing Reimbursement

As reimbursements shift from fee-for-service to outcomes-based and new bundled payment arrangements rapidly emerge, hospitals are increasingly at financial risk for post-discharge patient outcomes. That means hospital care coordinators need accurate, data-driven insights into the quality and performance of their post-acute network partners in order to ensure maximum reimbursements and avoid penalties.

This dynamic visualization tool gives care coordinators and post-acute network managers a way to get an initial, high-level view of network quality. The data, sourced from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) five-star quality system, is presented in an interactive map that makes it far simpler to navigate and digest than most currently available formats.

Easy Access to ‘Insider’ Data

The dashboard is designed to bring transparency into the health care marketplace, providing an easy, innovative and elegant way to help hospitals refine and better manage their post-acute networks.  Loopback has opted to provide it free of charge to facilitate improvement and enhance performance across the country.

“This is the same tool we use to provide initial, high-level insight into a particular geography’s post-acute care players,” said Neil Smiley, CEO with Loopback. “Rather than keep it to ourselves, we have opted to share it with the industry to advance our common efforts in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our healthcare system.”

“And of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg,” Smiley continued. “While very valuable, the star rating system was not built to serve as the full picture of a given organization’s performance.  With our tool serving as an initial jumping off point, advanced data analytics fills in the rest of the story as groups consider key quality metrics such as readmission rates, length of stay and cost factors. We are excited to be helping leading organizations in this rapid shift from analytical network planning through real-time care coordination across the continuum.”


To learn more about the Loopback Geographic Analysis Dashboard, and its care management and data integration platform, visitwww.loopbackanalytics.com.