Lenovo Introduces Virtual Care – A Solution for Providers to Support Individualized Care at Home for Patients with Chronic Conditions

In-home technology enables better implementation of self-care regimens and connects healthcare providers with patients live via voice-activated digital assistant

Today, LenovoTM introduced Lenovo Virtual Care, a full patient-to-provider virtual solution to remotely monitor, guide and educate patients with various chronic health conditions. In partnership with Vianova Health, Lenovo Virtual Care combines trusted Lenovo hardware with advanced biometric devices and AI-powered software to virtually coach patients through their individualized care plan and drive better overall outcomes.

Virtual Care joins the recently launched Virtual Rounding as part of Lenovo’s growing portfolio of Virtual Health solutions to accelerate intelligent transformation in healthcare. Demand for virtualized access for patients to their health data and providers will persist as healthcare systems transform to meet the evolving demands of more patients with chronic conditions, stressed care teams, and payers searching for more value-based care. Lenovo remains committed to building innovative devices and solutions that support and adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

Using Lenovo Virtual Care, clinicians provide patients with a customizable, in-home technology kit equipped with a digital assistant, “Rosie”, that guides the patient through an individualized, daily care plan incorporating patient education, behavior modification and family engagement. Providers prescribe the use of the service and pre-configure the easy-to-use kit, allowing patients to plug it in at home and immediately start following their individualized care plan.

Lenovo’s Virtual Care solution allows clinicians to continually assess and engage with enrolled patients, reducing the need of multiple in-person visits and readmissions. Patients use in-home biometric devices, such as blood pressure cuffs and glucose monitors, to take their vitals and transmit the data to their care teams. Armed with real-time patient data, health providers can
respond quickly with timely interventions, adjust medications or modify self-care regimens to help improve patients’ health before they require an in-office visit. Over time, use of the kit supports positive habit-formation that target patient care-plan compliance and better overall outcomes.

“As the healthcare industry continues to explore new ways to deliver more cost-efficient and high-quality care outside of hospitals and doctors’ offices, we’re launching Lenovo Virtual Care to assist physicians and their teams in providing more personalized care to their patients,” said Ed Gillispie, vice president, North America Public Sector and Healthcare, Lenovo. “With this new solution, Lenovo is empowering doctors to proactively manage chronic conditions, improve patient quality of life and reduce healthcare costs.”

The need for virtual healthcare solutions has never been higher, as the U.S. population is getting older, living longer, and suffering at greater rates from chronic conditions. Six out of every 10 adults in the United States have at least one chronic disease, with four in 10 suffering from two or more.

With the Lenovo Virtual Care solution, healthcare provider organizations can remotely monitor, engage with and educate patients with many of these chronic health conditions, including diabetes, COPD, congestive heart failure (CHF), and hypertension. Key benefits to remote patient monitoring include improved patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, cost savings and higher CMS reimbursements rates for physicians for providing value-based care.

Consistent use of at-home healthcare solutions with more tailored virtual instruction and check-ins can help to significantly improve a patient’s condition, with one large healthcare institution reporting that the virtual care solution backed by Lenovo’s partner Vianova Health reduced patient readmission by 18 percent. The same institution also reports that select diabetes patients using the virtual care solution achieved blood sugar targets four weeks sooner than patients who only received phone-based care.

As demand for virtual care platforms continues to grow, healthcare systems need a reliable partner that can deliver these cutting-edge solutions at scale. Lenovo is a proven global technology leader – ranking number globally in PC sales and number one provider of Top500 supercomputers. Relying on its robust global supply chain and integrated services business, the company is uniquely positioned to produce, service and refurbish the Virtual Care kits quickly and efficiently. Providers can be reassured they have the maintenance and logistics services for deploying and managing a solution this complex across their systems.

Lenovo Virtual Care is being launched in the United States and will be available in the third quarter of the year.